Top 7 Old Country Songs*

** that will be sung at my family’s Christmas

Ahh Christmas time with the family! That is when you really get to know my dad’s side of the family. A family filled with laughs and hugs and kisses. That’s what we are indeed. But oh do we have fun. With us at Christmas, or any get-together really, you can count on three things:

  1. Eating
  2. Drinking — water and sodas only of course ;)
  3. Singing Old Country Tunes*

Somewhere in there you should probably also include hugging. I know I already told you we are huggers, but seriously the redundancy is necessary to help you understand!ย  And I just love it! There really isn’t anything more that I would want than a big hug and kiss from my Grandpa. I’m such a Grandpa’s girl and everyone knows it. Anyhow, I have collected a handful of tunes that I know will be sung… or at least haphazardly rambled through… Enjoy the collection!

7. Long Black Veil – Lefty Frizzell

Ok for this one I have given you videos for both the original version sung by Lefty Frizzell and then a second performed by Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. I love both versions but I can’t get through the Johnny Cash rendition without goosebumps. Something about that ragged voice of his that plays so well with the mood of the song.

6. El Paso – Marty Robbins

Man, I wish Marty could still be around. Just from the collection of YouTube videos I find and the latenight Time Music Collection infomercials I catch, you can tell how marvelous of a performer he was. This is one of his most famous songs. Maybe not my favorite of his but definitely the sing-a-long no doubt. It also can turn into a friendly competition to see who can get their voice as high as his! Talk about skills..

5. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

You couldn’t put together a Old Country Music Sing-A-Long list without this number. I remember when my youngest sister was no more than 4 years old, she was singing this song and not missing a beat! I believe it is some sort of tradition to know the lyrics to this one.

4. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

This is where the list gets more and more difficult to narrow down. Really the next three songs can be switched around every-which-way. However, these are my personal preferences for the day! This is an absolute classic that will forever be sung throughout all different kinds of people. And I absolutely love the video. Music videos sure have come far.

3. The Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton

In eighteen-fourteen, we took a little trip…. how many times have you heard that line be sung around a campfire, kitchen table or fireplace? If you don’t know the words, print out the lyrics and learn them. It’s American History people!

2. Seven Spanish Angels – Willie Nelson & Ray Charles

This one has been a more frequent hit amongst our recent get-togethers. Grandpa and Dad do a great job of reenacting the Willie Nelson and Ray Charles duet. Dark shades included! I had never heard this one until a couple of years ago but an outstanding ballad that really hits the spot… especially after a few have been consumed!

1. King of the Road – Roger Miller

As much as I love all of the other hits in this list, you can’t put the words “Old Country Music Sing-A-Long Songs” and not immediately think of King of the Road. And if you don’t then maybe you are thinking a couple of decades too recent! Sit back, do a little snapping and foot tapping/stomping and enjoy this classic. And yep learn these lyrics too..

Well this has all been so fun! Now I can’t wait until the next party. I’ll keep my vocal cords warmed up and ready :)

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