Easy Schmeasy Pasta Salad

The thing about pasta salad that keeps people from making it is time. That’s it. More pasta salads would be made except for the fact that you really want to be able to chill it a few hours at least before serving. Plus there is so much prep work involved. I don’t know a way around most of that prep work, besides over-paying for pre-diced veggies, but there are ways to be more efficient with your time.


  • 1 lb. pasta
  • bell pepper
  • diced tomatoes – used cherry tomatoes this time
  • cucumbers
  • olives
  • mozzerella
  • balsamic vingerrette

This is sort of a basic recipe for pasta salad that you can personalize certain ingredients to make countless versions of this. For instance I used a different kind of pasta (Barilla’s Veggie Farfalle – made from carrots and squash). This brought some color to the dish. You can always use different colored bell peppers but I would try not to omit them. They add their very own texture that you can’t really find. With the cucumbers, make sure you try and remove as many of the seeds as possible.

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