At the Farm

Growing up surrounded by livestock and dogs really allows you to appreciate so much more in life. I can’t tell you how many times in my childhood, I would grab a five-gallon-bucket, go out into a field or pasture, turn over the bucket and just sit there. Sooner or later, the cows would curiously come up to inspect and see if you may have some food. The dogs and cows would look at me as if I were doing something strange, but honestly, it was so wonderful to just sit there. Sit there in my thoughts and not hear anything but the wind blowing and maybe some birds or insects. I didn’t need ear buds to listen to music. That is all the music I needed.

It didn’t take me long to recognize how beautiful everything was. The sky would be so so blue I couldn’t even describe it blue enough. The clouds seemed almost like pillows painted into the sky; the horizon so far off. And then right there in front of you would be a herd of nosy cows and goofy calves. Funny, if you sat their long enough, they would soon forget about you and then go on about their business. Except the calves of course, the longer you sat there, the more curious they became, inching toward you ever so carefully. Yep, these are by far my favorite moments in life. I’m just so happy to catch some of them on camera!

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