My Dogs

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a dog in my life. It started way back when, I was less than four years old and we got our first dog, a dalmatian, named Chance after the dog in Homeward Bound. Yep I had combined my two favorite movies to create a pet perfect for me. Unfortunately Chance didn’t last very long out in the country living near a county road. He had been hit by a truck :( But not to worry, I would be granted with another two Dalmatians once we moved into our new house right up the road. Chance II & Bailey, named after the baby found in the Oklahoma City bombing.

After 24 years in life, I’ve had many dogs. Of course each is special in their own way. Ellie will always be near and dear to my heart, because she is my first dog I’ve been fully responsible for. She’s been my sidekick for over two years now since I rescued her. So grateful to have this sweet and photogenic dog in my life!

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