Top 5 Friday: Western Novels

Top 5 Friday: Western Novels -

Getting closer to home with this week’s Top 5 Friday post. We’re going to chat a little about my favorite western novels. It’s not secret, western is most likely my favorite genre. Take a look at any of my reading posts, and my point will quickly be validated. Where It Began My love for tales of the wild west, began when I was just short of a teenager. I believed Grandpa hung the moon, still do. In their den/office they have two huge book cases full of books. I remember…

Top 5 Friday: Brownie Recipes

Top 5 Friday: Brownie Recipes

Other than ice cream, brownies have to be my next favorite thing to make. And making them at the same time, is usually the best idea ever. But really, is there anything better than a warm brownie with a scoop of soft vanilla ice cream right on top? Anyhow,ย I have been paging through recipes trying to decide what I am going to make for our Rihn family Easter celebration this weekend. It’s been very tempting to rush out to HEB and get three baskets full of ingredients to make them…

March Favorites

March 2017 Favorties

Where has March gone? I couldn’t wait for March. Promises of baseball, good weather and free weekends to play with cows. For the most part, March did not let me down! Well Aggie baseball did, going 1-2, the first weekend of March inย the Shriner Baseball Classic in Houston, but nonetheless, it was a great month and the Aggies shutting out lsu last night was a cherry on top. April is looking just as promising. Engagement pictures to be taken of my sister and her fiance! My cousin’s wedding! Fish Fry,…

As Good As Advertised: Vaquero by Aaron Watson


Let’s let the cat out of the bag right now, it’s tired of being stuck in this ole sack: Aaron Watson blew me away with this album. Last month we loaded up and made our way to the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo for Xtreme Bulls and Aaron Watson’s performance. After a solid two hours of rodeo action, the tractors entered the arena preparing the dirt for the stage and additional seating to be set up. I couldn’t imagine the show being able to top Xtreme Bulls. There was…

Top 5 Friday: Audrey Hepburn

Top 5 Friday: Audrey Hepburn Sharing with y'all my favorite Audrey Hepburn films.

Years and years ago, shoot getting close to at least 15 years, Sydney and I made the trip down to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to spend the night. A quarter-mile trip may not seem far, but I’m sure it felt far enough for my parents to get us kids out of the house for the night or if they were lucky, the weekend! Anyhow, we took our toothbrushes and a change of clothes and headed out. Once at their house, we put our things away in one of the bedrooms…

Diamonds are Forever

Grandpa and Grandma -

Sixty years. The diamond anniversary they call it. Not sure if Grandma knew that this year, but she missed her chance at scoring yet another ring with a big ole rock. If you know my grandma, you can picture just about all ten of her fingers sporting at least one ring, but a few may even have a couple stacked. I ought to do a whole post discussing her rings. She has a story for each of them. Not all are worth huge sums of money, but those usually have…

Top 5 Friday: Sunrises

Top 5 Friday: Sunrises Sharing with y'all my most favorite sunrise pictures I have taken.

Sunrises are one of God’s greatest gifts. As I get ready in the morning, my mind is moving even slower than my body. But boy my brain sure does turn on quick when I look outside and see the start of a beautiful sunrise. You can just tell when it is going to be good. All of a sudden, my brain is running. Where is my camera? In my closet? In my car? Where are my keys? How much time do I have? How long can I possibly wait before…

Time Flies

Graduation 2016: Maycee and Taylor

Lordy, lordy. Where has the time flown to? Another baby sister of mine, and a cousin too, are a couple of months shy of setting off for Texas A&M! Am I ready for this? No. First off, how can it already be four years since I graduated from that beloved institution? Secondly, how can Maycee already be 18 and leaving home? Even with all of my disbelief at how quick the years have gone, I am more than a little excited for the journey the two of them are about…

Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 30

Edition 30: December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas folks! Yes, I’m a day late. But let’s pretend it’s Christmas morning again! Finally, I can post some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken! Earlier this month, I had several Christmas pictures shoots. But because I didn’t want to take the surprise away from the people receiving the Christmas cards, I refused to post any until after Christmas. Possibly over-thinking this, but ah well. Anyhow, I had the privilege and the pleasure of taking pictures of the Crisp family for the second year in a row.…

Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 29

Edition 29: November 27, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take engagement pictures for this wonderful couple, Eric and Kelsey. They were so much fun! Even Ellie got in on the action acting as our guard and my assistant, obviously. With all of the green grass around, it is hard to believe this picture was taken in November! This had to be a quick post, about to head off on a road trip to Louisiana. Let’s pray that my Aggies BTHO lsu tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed!