Going Komando!

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No I am not talking about a lack of under garments! I am talking technology.

Do you have an iPhone? Who doesn’t anymore?

Do you have any type of computer?

Are you thinking about purchasing a camera, tv, e-reader or pretty much anything technology-related in the future?

Ok I’m not playing 20 questions with you, but I am just trying to shed light on one of the coolest websites.

I found out about komando.com a few years back when I was driving back to College Station. Listening to music can get boring after a few hours so I switched it over to talk radio. Maybe some of y’all think that it’s only for old, boring or only ultra-conservatives but you should really try it out sometime. Anyways back to this story. I turned on the radio and a woman host was on advising this man on what type of laptop he should buy for his 18-year-old daughter. I listened nonstop for the next two hours. She mentioned her website numerous times, and this was before iPhones were common. So needless to say I was eager to get home and check out this site.

Come to find out there is much more than computer advice on this site. Oh they have plenty of that but they also have pages like “App of the Day”, “Buying Guide”, “Cool Site of the Day”, etc.

I have relied on this site for so many things in the past few years that I thought I would share it with the rest of the world or at least my little audience.
komando screen shot

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