Download Now! Freaking Super-de-douper Photo App

Download Now! Freaking Super-de-douper Photo App

Are you tired of the regular run-of-the-mill Instagram filters? No matter how good you think your pictures are they just look bland when scrolling through your feed. Well I happened to have stumbled across this wonderfully useful photo editing app for the iPhone. I believe it is also available for Android and Windows phones as well.

Anyhow I was able to work on a few different pictures in a matter of minutes with ease, yet an incredible amount of control. You have the ability to adjust so many aspects of your pictures beyond just the filters on this app.

Here are some of the adjustments you can make:

  • brightness
  • contrast
  • warmth
  • saturation
  • sharpness
  • focus

And as I mentioned earlier this app includes at least 13 free filters, or what they call effects, that are completely different looking that Instagram’s. I think they offer a pretty good variety considering they can be used ontop of the above adjustments you apply. The only bad thing is it can make deciding which to post very difficult!

Oh and shoot I almost forgot how convenient sharing across your various social media profiles this app makes it. Immediately you get asked if you would like to share on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Or perhaps you’d like to email it, the option is right there. It automatically saves the new version as a copy on your phone as well. Very handy indeed!

For a FREE app, I think this one is definitely worth the download. The link to their website to learn more is Below is a quick example I did in a matter of minutes.

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