Namaste… ok now let’s kick Thursday’s butt!


Namaste... ok now let's kick Thursday's butt!

Good morning my fellow [insert whatever you want to be called] !

Well the weekend is finally insight! Looking forward to what it has in store, yet I really can’t say what I am even going to be doing. Besides of course expecting the Aggies to beat the everliving hell out of Vanderbilt. That’s a whole other blog in of itself! Ain’t got time for that..

But what another gorgeous day it has started out to be? The sunrise above isn’t from today…I know, kind of a bummer…but at least it is a pic I took out at our place awhile back. Sunrises have to be the most motivating thing on this planet. Between watching all of the plants and animals react to it and appreciating the peaceful quality it beholds, it can definitely take your breath away.

People, as a whole, should probably react better toward sunrises. For the most part, they usually just represent having to wake up and drag ourselves to work for the next 8, 10, 12 hours or so. But honestly how many sunrises have you enjoyed? And I am not talking from your car as you drive to work with the sunrise directly in your eyes. That is not the “taking it in” I am talking about. We work so hard during the week; therefore, furthermore tempting us to sleep in on the weekends. But if we do that, we miss one of our few chances to take in such a beautiful site.

Alright just decided: this weekend I will “take in” one of these sunrises. Maybe I will do some yoga outside and really breathe in the sunrise…hmm that does sound like a mighty plan indeed! Will let you know how this goes. My luck it will be 22 degrees Fahrenheit and nature will make a liar out of me!

Hope y’all all have a beyond wonderfully fantastic day at school, work, home or wherever you may be!
Your ever-faithful hopelessly optimistic friend, Alyx

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