When Out for a Walk, You Can Catch Beautiful


When Out for a Walk, You Can Catch BeautifulNot as often as I’d like, I grab Ellie (my wonderful side-kick of a dog) and head out for a, less of a workout, more of a relaxation exercise of a walk. When out and about on our property and county road, I’ll get to see the baby calves growing like weeds, see the scissor-tailed flycatchers zooming from power-line to power-line, and some of the most beautiful scenery.

I am not always able to bring my big camera along but like a normal girl in her early-20s I always have my phone on me. With that phone I have captured some amazing moments. Yes, I wish I had caught them on my SLR, however, catching them on something is better than nothing. Especially considering the quality of pictures most smart phones can take nowadays.

I look at this picture every now and again. Every time I do, I get this little grin on my face without even thinking. It spells out home in the most natural way possible to me. This is everything I remember growing up. Beautiful country meets an agricultural way of life.

To you this may seem like the 2-dimensional shape that it is, but to me and others who may have similar memories, this is a very 3- or 4-dimensional picture to me. When I say 4-D, I mean I literally can feel the scratching of mesquite thorns that surround the windmill, I can hear the crunch of the coastal (Bermuda grass) I walk on, I can smell the creek down below and the cow patties that dot across the field. It’s a magical thing. We all have this magic. We just all have different memories.

More pictures, like this one, can be found on my Nature page!

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