Motivation is like bathing?

On a regular basis I peruse Pinterest, Instagram and on occasion Twitter to find some great quotes and/or pictures to motivate/inspire me to get through the day or to finally accomplish something. I have found some real gems. No joke I have probably a hundred of them or so saved on my phone. I’ll flip through them every now and again. Then I get high on the adrenaline of being inspired, go be productive for a couple of hours or so, then back to needing motivation. Sound familiar?

Well today I found a pretty powerful piece of motivation. No it’s not profound. It’s not elegantly scripted. However, it is factual and kind of a “duh, that makes sense” moment. Hope this gives you (only if you need it!) the little swift kick in the rear end that it gave me this morning!

Oh and also had to add this little video. Hadn’t watched it in months but was reminded by some coworkers of it. Take the 3 minutes and 28 seconds to really listen to this kid. Let the goosebumps happen. Now let’s be productive and make the world a better place people!

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