Oh Halloween. You’re right up there with Valentine’s & St. Patrick’s Day!


Well happy pre-Friday… oh yeah and Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is looking forward to some spooky festivities this evening. This will be my first year in five years to not be in the great college town that is College Station, for this “national” holiday. Man that is a whole different site to see. Definitely not the same sort of dressing up that goes on in La Coste, Texas.

I grew up going to my Granny’s house in La Coste for Halloween. We’d all get to her house, snack on some goodies, play with our cousins until it was time to go, and of course we couldn’t forget to take a picture right?

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Ok so we’re at Granny’s and now it’s time to head out on our hunt for the goods!
So we jump (oh I mean cram) into a ONE car with an assortment of sisters, cousins and aunts. We spend what seems like forever trick or treating, but really is probably only an hour or so, and then we end the night with a visit with my Aunt Mae and Uncle Leo.**

** Yep this was always our last stop. I’d say one of the most important stops, if not THE most. Aunt Mae put together some of the sweetest (I mean legit, not necessarily the sugar content) goodie bags. I’m pretty positive she made goodie bags cool before they were cool. But that’s not why it was so important to see them. It was just special. That’s really the only explanation for it. You could see how much Aunt Mae and Uncle Leo meant to my mom and Aunt Ima. It reminded you what these kind of holidays really were meant for.

Family and friends gathering, kids laughing. Isn’t that what happy feels and sounds like?

Oh yeah and they had a piano, and when you are a kid, even though you had no idea what you were doing, they were awesome!

Alright so when it’s all said and done, we head back to Granny’s, grab half-awake dad and our buckets of candy. Get home, change into our jammies, maybe sneak a piece of candy upstairs even after you brushed your teeth and yep there goes Halloween. Gone in a flash.

For a day, no an evening, some Americans spend hours upon hours and wads of cash on elaborate costumes. And then in just a few short hours it’s another 350 days or so before you think about next year’s outfit!

But I was amazed when I saw this story.

$330 million on clothes for your furry friends, so that they can join in the festivities? Don’t get me wrong, they are adorable! But let’s just say that would have never happened in the house I grew up in. Just wouldn’t have. But for fun and as a good post-Halloween treat check out these little critters. Will probably get an aw here and there and if you’re like me, you are wondering when in the world did their owners get the time to make these?!?!

Well alrighty then, my evening has come to an end and I am signing off. Hope everyone has a safe evening and has enough sugar in their pumpkin buckets or pillow cases to last them until Christmas chocolates and candy canes roll around! Night, y’all

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