an open letter to my mom

Good morning everyone!

Ok, so I am the worst about scrolling through my news-feed on Facebook and clicking into every link shared by my friends. This morning no different at all. Thank you Colleen for the post! However, I wasn’t expecting to be brought to tears! I mean come on people it’s Friday. We are supposed to be selfishly thinking about our great weekend plans, right? Well the video below, will bring you back to reality. No, I am not a mom. However, I am a daughter.  If you are a mother, take this to heart. You are great. And if you are a dad, trust me there is probably a video out there for you too. It’s 3 minutes and 20 seconds people, catch it on your coffee break!

Alright. Now that you are in tears like I was/am, let’s bring it back in. This video really had me thinking. I wonder how my Mom would describe herself as a mother. It’s funny, I am thinking really hard on any critiques there might be, but I can’t think of one. I may kid with her about how nosy she sometimes seems to be, or how hard-headed she is, which in turn passed the hard-headed gene down to me. We can pick at each other like no other. But we know it’s only play. It’s actually quite scary how much I love her. To be able to love someone so much and still have more room to love others, is one of those wonderful graces God has granted us with.

But if I were to say something about my mom, this is what I would say:mom

My mom is beautiful.
My mom is smart.
My mom is a great cook.
My mom can wrap presents like a boss!
My mom is strong.
Some of my favorite times with her was when she would read Little House on the Prairie books to us in the living room.
And the times when she would take us shopping after church (without Dad of course).
She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. There is no 2% from her.
My mom is the reason why I will work my butt off.
She is the reason why I won’t settle.
She has given me three sisters who are the best of friends I will ever have.

Mom, I love you.


  1. Thank you Alyx. Being a mom is my most important job. You girls have always been my number one priority and I have never taken for granted what a blessing you all have been to me. It is a privelege that God has granted me.

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