Loving the new baby calf. Not loving the time change.

Baby calves.. You really can’t get much cuter. Fuzzy, thick hair. Pink noses. Wobbly legs.

We have been in calving mode for the last 60 days or so and I am sad to see it towards its end. Luckily we do various embryo work with some producers so I do get to see baby calves more frequently. It’s an absolutely amazing thing to me to think about. For first-calf heifers to know what to do when it comes time to deliver, then to have the instinct to clean off the baby quickly and watch attentively while it takes its first steps and nourishes itself, that is amazing. There is no denying that this earth is home to many, many amazing people, animals, plants, etc.

Yesterday when I went home to feed before it got too dark (arhhh I don’t like this time change!), I noticed we had a new baby calf. Good ole 29K, a 13-year-old Polled Hereford cow that has been in our herd from her day number 1, gave birth to her 11th calf. Heifer calf I do believe but it was pretty dark when I went out to see her for the first time. Did I happen to mention how much I love baldies? Baby calves in general are cute, but baldies have a little flare that make them even cuter!

I stopped this morning before work to check her out. Her and 29K ran behind the trough so I trekked into the pens in my 4″ heels no doubt to try and get a pic. She made it all worth it when she practically came and sat on my lap!

Living in such a close proximity to beef cattle, and agriculture in general, all of my life has been such a blessing. I have had the chance to witness countless newborn calves come into this world. And I also have unfortunately seen those who were unable to make it.

These sort of things teach you to appreciate life and be thankful for the majority of times when things go your way. I wish more people were able to see these parts of agriculture. Then maybe organizations such as PETA and HSUS wouldn’t have such a stronghold on the minds of people. I am not saying that everyone who is a supporter of those organizations have bad intentions per say; however, they for the most part neglect to try and understand the story of producers.

<rant> They do not care how much Rancher Joe loves his cows and would do anything to protect them from weather, predator or humans. All they see is that he sells his old cows at the auction barn which in turn go to be harvested. That’s not fair to Rancher Joe and it sure isn’t fair to the industry. </rant>

Wow! I sure went off on a whole different subject there! Anyhow I am definitely looking forward to sharing with all of you my pictures, videos and stories as I do everything I can to keep with a tradition of agriculture in my family.

Hoping everyone has had a wonderful Tuesday!

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