Punch with a punch. Dry, white wine >>>> Sweet, white wine

I posted this punch in my recipes section on this site a while back. I remember the first time I tried it. Yum, yumm, yummm. I can now say I have served it at a few different events. It sure is a crowd pleaser! It’s a favorite among men and women alike including grandmothers! Be warned doubling, if not tripling, the ingredients is advised.

Your grocery list:

1 bottle of any dry, white wine!** (I stick with Pinot Grigio)
1 bottle of HEB’s Central Market Blood Orange Italian Soda
— could be substituted with Sprite Zero or ginger-ale
1 can of Welch’s Passion Fruit Condensed Juice – frozen juice isle
1 bag of frozen mixed fruit — with peaches, cantaloup and strawberries

Once you have mixed it all together, refrigerate, then enjoy! The longer you refrigerate the better it tastes. I would say four two or three people could have a good time on this but if you want to serve for a party I recommend doubling, tripling, quadrupling, etc… If you only knew the friends … and family I entertain you would understand the reasoning for the previous statement!

** Fun fact for the day time ~ Use dry, white wine instead of sweet when making fruity punches. Logic would make you think that using sweet wine would be the best way to go. However, since you already have all of those other sweet elements, you can get away with using a dry wine. Dry wines have higher alcohol contents than sweet!

Be warned though, this punch does pack a punch. It is super easy to drink, especially on a warm day, and remember you have a pretty decent amount of alcohol involved. Definitely heads and shoulders above your wine cooler options! Make sure you try this one this weekend!

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