Top 7 Old Country Songs**

** that will be sung at my family’s Christmas

Christmas really is right around the corner! Scary, huh? This Monday I had a meeting about our Christmas charity event. Yes, Halloween is over and now it’s onto Christmas. It is seriously the first week of November! Let me enjoy the fall weather first before I think about snowmen, elves, Santa Claus, and nativities!

But that got me thinking about how much I love getting together for Christmas with my family, well actually any holiday or reason in general! When the Tschirhart side of my family gets together, you can count on three things:

  1. Eating
  2. Drinking — water and sodas only of course ;)
  3. Singing Old Country Tunes*

Somewhere in there you should probably also include hugging. That side of the family does a lot of that. And I just love it! There really isn’t anything more that I would want than a big hug and kiss from my Grandpa. I’m such a Grandpa’s girl and everyone knows it. Anyhow, I have collected a handful of tunes that I know will be sung… or at least haphazardly rambled through… Enjoy the collection!

7.  Long Black Veil – Lefty Frizzell

Ok for this one I have given you videos for both the original version sung by Lefty Frizzell and then a second performed by Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. I love both versions but I can’t get through the Johnny Cash rendition without goosebumps. Something about that ragged voice of his that plays so well with the mood of the song.

6. El Paso – Marty Robbins

Man, I wish Marty could still be around. Just from the collection of YouTube videos I find and the latenight Time Music Collection infomercials I catch, you can tell how marvelous of a performer he was. This is one of his most famous songs. Maybe not my favorite of his but definitely the sing-a-long no doubt. It also can turn into a friendly competition to see who can get their voice as high as his! Talk about skills..

5. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

You couldn’t put together a Old Country Music Sing-A-Long list without this number. I remember when my youngest sister was no more than 4 years old, she was singing this song and not missing a beat! I believe it is some sort of tradition to know the lyrics to this one.

4. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

This is where the list gets more and more difficult to narrow down. Really the next three songs can be switched around every-which-way. However, these are my personal preferences for the day! This is an absolute classic that will forever be sung throughout all different kinds of people. And I absolutely love the video. Music videos sure have come far.

3. The Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton

In eighteen-fourteen, we took a little trip…. how many times have you heard that line be sung around a campfire, kitchen table or fireplace? If you don’t know the words, print out the lyrics and learn them. It’s American History people!

2. Seven Spanish Angels – Willie Nelson & Ray Charles

This one has been a more frequent hit at our recent get-togethers. Grandpa and Dad do a great job of reenacting the Willie Nelson and Ray Charles duet. Dark shades included! I had never heard this one until a couple of years ago but an outstanding ballad that really hits the spot… especially after a few have been consumed!

1. King of the Road – Roger Miller

As much as I love all of the other hits in this list, you can’t put the words “Old Country Music Sing-A-Long Songs” and not immediately think of King of the Road. And if you don’t then maybe you are thinking a couple of decades too recent! Sit back, do a little snappin’ and foot tappin’ and enjoy this classic. And yep learn these lyrics too..

Well this has all been so fun! But now I can’t wait until our family Christmas. Jeez wasn’t I just saying how I needed time to enjoy the fall weather and November?

Comment with any you think I missed or lists of your own!

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