To Kindle or not to Kindle?

Ok maybe not age-old but a controversial question at that.

Book vs. e-Reader

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be using a Kindle. Not that they aren’t fascinating pieces of technology but because of how much I love the feel of a book. But here I am right in the middle of this dilemma.

Just this weekend I picked up an old western novel off of my bookshelf and burned through those pages like no other. In 3 days that book was initialed* and put back on the shelf.

* My grandparents and some of my great uncles and aunts all initial and date books they have completed. Seems like a neat tradition to continue. Reminds me of when I would go to Evans Library on campus at Texas A&M and check out the old beef cattle books or some more Louis L’Amour. To see that the last person checked out that book in 1989 or something like that sure made me chuckle a few times.

Riley's Luck

Anyhow, I haven’t had the time to read lately but figured I would grab a little 200-pger as sort of a release from what had been a pretty hectic week. (Ok, I say hectic but not really in comparison to y’alls week but hey let me whine!)

Gosh I loved it! This book happened to be Louis L’Amour’s Reiley’s Luck. I can’t believe I have never read this one before! I grew up on Louis L’Amour books. I would feel comfortable betting 100 bucks that I have read over 100 of his novels. I started reading them for two reasons really: 1) They were prevalent at my middle school library. Nobody really checked them out in comparison to the Nancy Drew books I also was interested in 2) and of course the real reason was because Grandpa had a ton of them in their office at home. If Grandpa loves something, I am probably going to love it too (except for cottage cheese, let’s get that straight).

So after all of this reading in my life, I thought it would be traitor-like if I even picked up a Kindle. BUT I am smart enough to recognize and appreciate advantages when I see them. And oh do e-readers (I’m talking specifically about Kindles in this post but you can see it all the same) have their long list of pros and rather short list of cons. But, for you, I’ll list them out as I see them!


Kindle Pros & Cons *as Alyx sees them*

Pros (taken off of

  • Less than 6 ounces – thinner than a pencil, lighter than a paperback
  • Download books in 60 second*s with built-in Wi-Fi — *To be honest, I’ve never actually verified this
  • Holds over 1,000 books – take your library wherever you go
  • Over a 1.7 million titles less than $9.99 — I have actually downloaded a bunch of old, FREE westerns that have been great!
  • 1 month battery life — seriously you can go without charging this thing for a month!
  • No one can tell if you are reading Shakespeare or Hank the Cowdog


  • In opposition of the last pro, no one will be impressed because you are reading a big fat book
  • You don’t get to enjoy the smell of a book
  • A Kindle is worth more money as compared to a book. If you tend to lose things like I do, beware (had a scare this morning with mine!)
  • You don’t get the same satisfaction of almost being done with a book. You know when you have a few chapters left and you can feel yourself nearing the end
  • Bookmark companies will begin to go out of business…..

Now it’s your turn to decide which is best for you. For now I believe I will stick with the courtships of both the nostalgically comfortable paperback as well as the save-the-earth environmentally-friendly Kindle. Only time will tell!

Louis L'Amour

Quick note I want to mention before this post comes to an end.
Louis L’Amour is one of the greatest authors if not people in history. These books have captivated and captured my heart since the day I began to read them. I highly encourage all to try out one of his books. Lonesome Gods, Comstock Lode, The Riders of High Rock, etc. These are all exceptional stories that combine a great mixture of history, suspense, adventure and in some cases a little whimsy.

The point is I think that it’s about time every one get there reading back on!

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