Making Mends.. Sorry Dad

Good morning Friday! You look so good. You really should come around quicker ever week, you know? But seriously. I am beyond excited that the week is over. My sister is coming to town and a great weekend is promised.

Well, well, well. Back to making mends. It seems I have gravely upset my father. You see last Thursday when I posted my Top 7 Old Country Songs I thought long and hard on my picks. I tried to pick different songs so that I would have a great variety of artists.

Well the pick in question, according to Dad, is #6, Marty Robbins’ El Paso. He thinks that A White Sport Coat should have made the list instead. No doubt it’s a great song. It actually was supposed to be my parents wedding song, but that’s a long long story. Ask them sometime. Anyhow my dilemma is the fact that A White Sport Coat is less known and therefore not much of a sing-a-long at times. No doubt Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma and I can do a pretty good job of it but outside of that crowd it gets a little fuzzy.

All the same, it is a great track that no music collection should be void of. And again, if you aren’t familiar with Marty Robbins go to YouTube and spend an hour or so watching him perform. He’s an entertainer for sure! So please do yourself a favor today and check it out:

And if you, like me, find you can’t get enough of Marty Robbins, here is some of his Grand Ole Opry performances. Enjoy and have a great F-R-I-D-A-Y!

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