My First Crush….

Clay Walker

Clay WalkerSo you want to know a little secret? Clay Walker was by far my first crush (or at least that I remember). Ahhhh how I loved his Rumor Has It CD. I seriously burned that poor CD out. I still remember how awesome it was to find that the insert in the case actually folded out to a 8×12″ poster of Walker. Ahhh again. Wrangler shirt and jeans + black cowboy hat + belt buckle + standing in the middle of a field. How in the world was I not supposed to grow up comparing every guy I met to him?

Ever since then, I have been a huge fan. I also appreciate his style of music. Nothing too flashy. It stays pretty true to what I would imagine country music’s definition to be. To me if he is played on the same Pandora station as George Strait and Garth Brooks that puts him in the traditional country category. No he doesn’t pop out CDs yearly. However, if you have bought any of his CDs you will know that all of the songs on his CDs are great. Off the top of my head I think of the Rumor Has It CD and his latest Fall. These two albums were great in that every song is something I would want to learn the lyrics to. If you are ok with popping a CD into your car stereo and listening to it that way, you know that’s a great album. In our “want it right now” culture, our iPods and iPhones offer us the ability to jump between songs, artists, genres, etc. so easily. I am so guilty of this. But I think that only credits the artists we actually buy CDs of so much more!

I also must mention how many times the Fall CD was played on the bus headed to softball tournaments and games. The Medina Valley Panther softball team proudly blared Walker throughout most of the 2007 season!

No lie, a sat on this post for a good day to think about my list of my Top 10 Clay Walker songs. It was hard. I love so many of them but I figure this list will have ones you would expect and then a handful that might remind you of what all he has sung! Feel free to comment with your faves!

1. Rumor Has It (1997)

2. If I Could Make A Living (1994)

3. Hypnotize the Moon (1996)

4. What’s It To You? (1993)

5. She Won’t Be Lonely Long (2009)

6. This Woman and This Man (1995)

7. Dreaming With My Eyes Open (1994)

8. The Chain of Love (2000)

9. Fall (2007)

10. Then What (1998)

I know lots of videos and things to think about but I hope you just were able to jam for a good 45 minutes or so to some great country music. It will be sure to make you smile and want to get up and do some two-steppin’!

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