2014 … T-minus 42 days

Holy smokes! What happened to 2013? No one warned me that as the years go by, they only go by faster and faster. (Ok, maybe someone did but I wasn’t listening.) It’s already time to think about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Just amazes me what this time of year will do to your brain. It never fails to get me all optimistic about what the new year may bring.

The video above is a great example of what I would love to become. A photographer that is daring, yet relatable; confident, yet down-to-earth; creative, while still getting the job done.

This among many things has made the list of aspirations for myself in 2014. Here are a few other things I would like to accomplish:

  • to be published, whether my photographs or written works
  • to be more comfortable with street photography
  • to write in a journal more often
  • to scrapbook AND actually print some of my pictures out
  • to document my grandparent’s stories, then later distribute them to the rest of the family
  • to practice better budgeting and money-saving skills
  • to train Ellie (my puppy dog) new tricks!
  • to learn a new prayer
  • to make my own cookbook
  • to read more than 30 books
  • to take some sort of photography class
  • to talk on the phone more with my friends I haven’t seen in a while
  • to make conversation with strangers more often
  • to find a hobby that requires physical activity!

Don’t worry the list is ever-growing. Would love to know what will be at the top of your list come 2014!

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