Nothing reminds…

Nothing reminds me more of childhood than having to hold your sleeves in your hand while putting on a jacket so they don’t get all bunched up.

Alright, there are some things that may be above this when it comes to childhood memories but this one will stay with you forever. I mean if you are smart, you will always grasp your long sleeves with your fingers and press it against your palm then labor to get your jacket on without looking too clumsy.

This was on repeat during the winter months from my mom, granny and aunts. Not that it is cold for very long in Texas, but for gosh sakes, if you leave the house without a coat on. Or heaven forbid if your hair is wet or you are wearing sandals. You will get sick. No two ways about it. These are pretty much cardinal sins if you are apart of the Rihn/Schott family. Oh my goodness and I almost forget if you happen to walk across the floor of your house without socks on. Definite sickness will be upon you. You best start gargling with warm salt water, maybe put some Vick’s on. And you definitely need to pray to the patron saint of sickness and ignorance for not wearing socks in the first place!

Yes, there are some slight exaggerations in the above. However, if you are in the family you know they are only slight. You may think it silly and to be honest at the time I would have to agree with you. But without all of the wives’ tales and hysterics, there wouldn’t be any comical stories to pass along. Half of the fun at family-get-togethers is listening to my mom and her siblings tell stories of Granny and Grandpa. After you hear several, it’s like you are listening to an audio book. You picture what things as if you were there too.

Thanksgiving is always one of those special times of the year when it is all about family and togetherness. Exactly the reason why I love the holiday besides all of the yummy food!

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