Sometimes the radio is brilliant.

You have got to love those mornings when you are driving down the road headed wherever you are headed, and the radio is dialed into your current mood. This morning was one of those glorious drives!

First, a Tim McGraw classic, a blast from my childhood, came on. This is just one of those songs that gets your foot stompin’ and your head bobbin’. I remember having this poor CD on repeat in our old stereo. However, I must admit it probably took me a good five years to know the actual lyrics instead of just making up my own!

After listening to this and then hitting a commercial break, I flipped over to 96.1 to listen to a little bit of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Gotta love that “Does That Make Me Crazy” segment. Then they were to a commercial break. So I flip back to 92.5 K-BUC and to my delight the Nitty Gritty Band’s Fishin’ in the Dark was on. What a classic. Instantly because of these two songs and some light humor, I’m in an excellent mood and ready to take on this first Tuesday of December!

Also, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sis Maycee! The big 1-6 for my baby sis!

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