Inspired. But back to work…

Great now I'm too inspired to do my real job..

Don’t you just love when something hits you and you are so inspired to do something with your hobby? And then you remember you have to work for the next 8 hours on the job you get paid to do.

Yep current dilemma! One of my coworkers encouraged me to join the SA Photographers club on Flickr and upload the pictures I have here on there as well. Well needless to say I did and I am very glad. It’s always good to increase your presence on the web. But this morning she sent me a link to another one of the photographers that she thought I would appreciate since we seem to have a mutual passion/love of animal photography.

Stunned. Yep to say the least. I was going to take a quick look at her site but now I am just in awe. Looking through just a handful of her pictures makes me want to race home and practice my photography. Now if only my couple of dogs would sit and pose as well as hers!

No matter what time of the day inspiration comes I’ll take it though. Just having the opportunity to see room for growth in my hobby makes me excited to get back behind the lens. Now if it weren’t for this dang time change that keeps most of the afternoon daylight unavailable to me! But I guess that’s a bone not worth picking about.

Hats off to you Ms. Gillis. Truly breath-taking work that I’d hang on any of my walls!

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