I promise this is not photoshopped.

I promise this is not photoshopped.

Seriously. These pictures were taken off of my camera. But let’s rewind.

This past Friday, after fighting the usual Friday afternoon traffic, I finally made it out to the country and back in my cozy, warm house. Ok let me rephrase: my parents’ cozy, warm house.

Just as I settled down to finish what would be my eighth book in the last three weeks (what what), my mom suggested that I take the camera outside and check out the sunset. (For the record, my mom makes suggestions and then my dad enforces them, haha.) To be honest, when she told me this I kind of was reluctant. I had just peeled off the three layers of outerwear and really didn’t want to be chilled to the bone anymore that day.

But wow. What a sunset. Out in the country, I am blessed with some pretty amazing sights, sounds and smells. But I have never, ever seen a sunset like this.

It looks like someone tried the Pinterest crayon art project out on the sky.

Things like this sunset, are unexplainable and render me speechless for a good half hour or so. What is there to say after seeing this? It’s just too beautiful to understand how things like this and awful catastrophes can happen all on this same earth.



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