Give me a break. Give me a break.

On the Farm

I hope everyone just hummed the Kit-Kat commercial jingle in their heads, because I did! I really don’t need a break or at least too big of one. I just was thinking about how okay I would be with this weather if I was outside being productive.

All of my life I have been extremely spoiled when it comes to opportunities to play and be outside. Rarely was there a time when I just couldn’t be outside. And those times it was probably lightning or I had inside chores to do.

Probably one of the toughest things about having a full-time real job is the fact that it consists of me being inside for 8-9 hours a day and in the car for at least another hour. This is besides the obvious downside of not having naps to schedule into my day times!

If I could have it my way this is how I would have it:

7AM – Wake up and make breakfast
8AM – Take the dogs for a walk and do outside chores
11AM – Make, eat an early lunch
12PM – 30 min nap
1PM – Work on photos or blog stuff
2PM – Go outside and watch the cows come off of oats
3PM – Read and/or try to learn something
4PM – Feed cattle
5PM – Make supper
7PM – Watch a show, then the news, shower, etc.
10PM – Go to sleep.

Now that doesn’t sound half-bad. The only problem, it’s not how it is. But oh well right! At least I have my schedule down for a fake, pretend life and my real schedule is far from in order..

But hey everyone is in luck. I actually remembered to upload some pictures from the past two weekends out in the country.

Have I said how much I love living out in the country? Ha but so y’all know, because I know y’all really care a whole, whole lot, beginning on the first day of 2014 I will be a city dweller. Ellie and I will be taking on the city life of good ole’ San Antone for at least nine months. I’m super excited about the possible adventures to be had. I won’t be too far from the country as I won’t give up my cow-feeding responsibilities on Sunday and Monday evenings. But I’ll be just far enough away to spread my wings a bit and take care of my self for awhile.

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