A White Christmas. Ok.. a little brownish-white

Folks, just to let you know it’s getting awfully close to the middle of December. That means that in 13 short days you’ll be on vacation from work, enjoying (hopefully) the quality time spent with family and friends. In some parts of the world you may get to experience the white, fluffy stuff they call snow. But down here in south Texas the occasional sleet is about all you’ll see.

There are obvious pros and cons of this, however. The cons are all superficial of course. We don’t really get to take cool pictures next to snowmen or make snow angels or get to ride down hills in homemade cardboard sleds.

But on the other hand, we don’t have to shovel snow to get out of our driveways to go to work.
For the cattlemen out there, we don’t have to wake up every morning and go break the ice in the water troughs so the stock can get a drink.
Come to think of it, I really don’t have to invest in too many items of the outerwear variety.

Even without this cold, wet wonderful thing we call snow, there are some things that still puts Christmas in the air. When the woodstove is burning a big oak log and the Christmas trees are up, there is nothing that takes me back to Christmas time growing up quicker. I know I am young but I can’t explain how magical Christmas time out in the country still is to me. There is a glow that fills the living room that is so peaceful. I hope that when I have a home and a family that I can recreate this aura.

To add to the illustration of the above you have in your mind, add my Dad singing “A White Christmas” as the background noise. In general, my dad, his brothers and my Grandpa are known for their singing.. But if I’d have to guess, this is his favorite Christmas song, not counting any hymns.

And who doesn’t love Michael Bublé? Because every century deserves a singer like Frank Sinatra!

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