Money Poor.

Money Poor.

I may be money poor at times, or at least lacking for the most part. But in no way am I poor. How could I be with views like this one right off my front porch. People pay the big bucks to go on vacations to see sunrises as beautiful as this.

I couldn’t be more blessed. Work may be tough but at least I come home to a family full of love and laughter, a warm house, good food and to country as beautiful as this.

This morning I was running a little late. Mainly because the Wrangler National Rodeo Finals are on this time of year. You see, I have set the DVR to record the rodeo every night at 9PM. Now 9PM is by no means late, especially compared to how late I have stayed up when I was in college. But let’s face it, I have a big-girl job that takes its fair share of energy out of me each day. 9PM may not be late but 9:15 is getting there.

Anyhow I have been catching up on everything that goes on past the first commercial break. Even though I can skip through all of the commercials I still watch pretty diligently; therefore, my appearance is probably lacking a little this week.

So long story, short I was sorta rushing to get out of my house before too much past 7AM. But then this sunrise hit me. I hesitated for a few seconds. Then I made the right decision. I yelled over at Ellie, my dog, to move out of my way and headed straight upstairs to fetch my camera.

After a handful of minutes snapping 20 pictures or so, I grabbed the rest of my stuff and I was well on my way to a great day.

I hope everyone has a blessed Thursday, because guess what…tomorrow is F-R-I-D-A-Y!!


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