Blue Ain’t the Word for the Way I Feel

Another weekend is in the books for 2013. We sure are getting awfully close to some important holidays, aren’t we?

This post is for Grandpa… and well any other person out there who enjoys and appreciates good, honest music. I would say specifically country music but the artist I am featuring is known for some great crossover tunes.

Ray PriceA long time ago, Grandpa told me that Ray Price was his favorite singer. Naturally since then, he’s been one of mine too. Such an honest voice. His songs are magic to me.

There is nothing better than dancing with my grandpa to one of his numbers. While gathering a little bit of information for this write-up I learned of the “Ray Price Shuffle,” a 4/4 dancing arrangement most notable in “Crazy Arms”. Now Grandpa’s dancing is all explained. You see, my grandpa doesn’t dance like anyone else I know. I could never really figure out exactly how he danced. But I learned how to just close my eyes and follow, which definitely came in handy when I went to the dance halls in College Station!

So Gramps, this list of songs is for you! Love you!

1. Crazy Arms (1956)

Picking an order per-say of Ray Price’s hits isn’t really easy or do-able. So when you see 1, 2, 3… and so on please don’t take these as official or set in stone. After spending my lunch break trying to put these in order, trust me I know they are all not just good but great.

2. City Lights

This one will get stuck in your head for sure. If the previous tune didn’t get you shuffling, this one should do it.

3. For the Good Times (1970)

This is a song that was written by Kris Kristofferson, what good song isn’t?
Fun Fact: “For the Good Times” is the official song and motto for Company A-1 in the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets.

4. Heartaches by the Number (1959)

Heartaches by the number, troubles by the score. Everyday you love me less. Each day I love you more.
This tune will always bring a smile to my face remembering the countless times I have danced this song in the kitchen with Grandpa and you can’t forget Grandma! We dance pretty darn good together for two ladies!

5. Release Me (1954)

Hank Williams Sr. was one of Ray Price’s idols whom he became best friends with. Williams mentored and helped him get his spot in the country music industry. No song is more evident of their relationship than this.

6. Help Me Make It Through The Night

Another Kris Kristofferson song released by Ray Price. So many of Price’s songs make you want to hold someone close and move around a dance floor.

7. Night Life (1963)

So did you know that in the late 1950s and early 60s some of the members of Price’s “Cherokee Cowboys” consisted of Roger Miller, Willie Nelson and Johnny Paycheck? In fact this record was written by Willie Nelson. According to Willie Nelson, Ray Price gave him his first job in the industry. He was the bass player.

Well there was my list. He has so many other great songs out there though. Just go to YouTube and check some of them out! But I wanted to wet your appetite just enough to get intrigued and do some of your own hunting.

My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Price and his family right now. His current condition isn’t quite clear but last week he was released from the hospital to go home with Hospice. I thought it was quite amusing when I read that at 87, he had told a Country Music Hall of Fame reporter about one of his visits to the doctor.

“The doctor said that every man will get cancer if he lives to be old enough,” Price said. ” I don’t know why I go it–I ain’t old enough.”

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