New Years Resolution #1

New Years Resolution #1

I wonder just how many pictures on average a family will take every Christmas? All together my sisters and I probably take at least 50 but maybe upward, pictures of us four together.

After Christmas this year, I am giving myself a little task to complete. I would love to put together in a book, chronologically, all pictures I can find of us four girls.

I can’t even imagine how many there must be, but it would/will be awesome. I may need to just do Christmas pictures to begin with and then work on it from there.

Pictures are such a special thing. They are what we try to save when a house is on fire. They are what we pull out to tell stories to the younger generation. They are what we look at to make us smile and feel warm and cozy inside.

In this digital age, it is so easy and convenient to take pictures with our fancy cameras or even our phones. We can’t wait to post these pictures to Facebook or Instagram to share with our family and friends but then what have we done with these pictures.

I know I sure haven’t printed out more than 50 pictures all year. There are some that have stayed very proactive and made scrapbooks or photo albums and have kept the tradition alive. I haven’t done this. But just maybe I can make this a resolution and work hard to keep this tradition that has meant so much to me alive for another generation to enjoy.

Do you have any ideas to help me achieve this? Please be a doll and share them with me! I need all the help I can get!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families!

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