Putting down the cookies and getting back to work…

Putting down the cookies and getting back to work...

Day late, but not a dollar short!

I know that today is the Christmas hangover, but it doesn’t hurt to throw out one more Merry Christmas. I mean a late one is better than none at all!

I sincerely hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.

As for my Christmas, it maybe was one candy cane short of perfect. Just kidding I really don’t like candy canes; it was perfect!

When you put family, great food, Cabernet Sauvignon and plenty of laughter in one room, how could you not have high expectations?

Getting any work done today will be difficult. My mind is still on tamales and homemade rice crispy treats.

So I want to say “hi” and flare my nostrils at my three sisters and mother who didn’t have to get up to go to work/school this morning. Oh well holiday for me next week too!

But seriously, my heart almost hurts from all of the love I have endured in the last week or so. I am in a sort of breathless state now as I sit here and put this post together. Have y’all ever felt this way or do I have a medical illness?!?!

I could not even begin to explain how simply blessed I am to have the family I have. Talk about support system! My family reminds me of an old saying about my Texas A&M Aggies. (This is very applicable since many of them root for them.)

From the outside looking in, you don’t understand it.
From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.

It’s how I have felt and always will. Christmas does that to you though. I t is the best time to sit back and appreciate what you have and also to re-evaluate what you think you lack. Sometimes the things you feel you are missing out on really aren’t voids at all.

Merry Christmas folks and let’s get ready to rein in twenty fourteen!

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