Twenty Fourteen: Year of Change, Perhaps?

Happy New Year

Ready or not, 2014 is here to stay! Well at least for another 364 days. This coming year has a lot to offer. New opportunities. Fresh starts. Big ideas. We’ll just have to see if the cards fall our way or not. However, you have to be honest and realize that just waiting to see if it’s going to be a good one or not is not the way to achieve anything. Unless you put in the sweat equity that generally comes with success, how can you expect anything more than normal or just okay?

New Year’s Resolutions. These hold some people’s attention for only a short time and others have their lives changed by them. It annoys me when I see blog posts and things on Pinterest trying to say that resolutions are of no use. For me, it is based on the person. Some people need a little extra incentive to get inspired. Personally I am one to set a handful of goals. Some won’t be 100% achieved others will. Either way they make you stop and think.

Last year I really wanted to focus on my growth, spiritually. For a very long time, I could never recite the Hail Holy Queen prayer. It would be so frustrating when I would pray the rosary and I would have to mumble through until the only part I knew, “O Clement, O Loving, O Sweet Virgin Mary.” So I made it a point to pray the rosary constantly until I had it memorized. Small it may be but this simple goal that was attainable has made a bigger difference on my faith.

But it’s 2014 so I’m going to breakdown five resolutions off the top of my head!

5. How about we turn off the TV in twenty fourteen?

Sounds crazy, right? Why would we want to give up such an amazing technology?
Ok I don’t mean I will completely give up my TV, but I’m going to seriously think about the amount of time I waste watching junk TV. I don’t know about you, but I can spend an entire Saturday watching a marathon of Law & Order SVU. Yet at the end of the day I feel so let down that I accomplished virtually nothing.

So here’s to watching PBS, Modern Marvels and the NFL in 2014!

4. Remember when we used to read?

Another crazy thought: reading. Here in the last month or two I have gotten on a reading kick. I have never felt better. It is amazing how easily my mind clears of stress from the daily grind. Not that I have too much weighing on my poor little 23-year-old heart but still! Americans need to get back on the reading wagon.

Put down Facebook and maybe check out a newspaper or a magazine. It amazes me how easily it is to lose touch with current events around the world. It is our right to know what is going on in this world so take advantage of it!

3. Budget for tomorrow, not just today.

Wow. Yeah this is definitely one to work on. There are so many websites and resources out there to help get your finances in order. Try googling “Budgeting Tips”. And you can never go wrong checking out the resources on Dave Ramsey’s site. In 2014 I want to be conscience of how comfortable I want to be in 2054. Savings accounts, 401K, emergency fund, etc. It is quite incredible to think about all we should be preparing for. It may be daunting now but imagine how scary it will be then if you don’t take the time to get ready now.

2. Health: Mind – Body – Spirit

It is so easy to forget that there is more to health than just pumping iron at the gym! But no doubt physical health is important and can only help you in life. This year I want to increase my discipline. Whether it be going to workout, or living through Christ, I want to be able to stick to the plan and be diligent.

I am also throwing charity into this category as well, because of the common understanding that giving unto others is good for us. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing you donated to a good cause. Donating clothes, canned goods, toys, money, time and even blood are easy ways to make a difference.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good of friend are you?

Alright this is a tough one. Time is what we are all short of. How many times do you catch yourself saying, “I just don’t have time for that” or “I was going to call, but I just ran out of time”? We can get so caught up in the constant rush of things to stay on top. Unfortunately it makes it all too easy to forget or lose sight of how important some of the relationships in our life are. These relationships may be husbands/wives, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, high school friends, college buddies, coworkers, etc. no I’m planning on working to strengthen these in 2014.

How? Well what is better than the old-fashioned writing letters kind of way? One letter a week doesn’t sound all that bad. Maybe buy some inexpensive stationary to make it a bit exciting.

All of these on my good ole list here are nothing if not easy. If you aren’t big on resolutions, no biggie. Take this time to appreciate who you are and think about how you can make your self happier, better person.

Happy New Year!!!

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