REVIEW: Early Morning Shakes ~ Whiskey Myers

REVIEW: Early Morning Shakes ~ Whiskey Myers

A review by yours truly?!? Well yeah. I have decided as of late, that everyone wants to know my opinion on just about everything. Right? Ok probably not but I need to get my butt in gear and work on my writing and get some posts in the books! So be ready for a handful of reviews to hit this page!

Today, Whiskey Myers released, what looks like to me, their 3rd album. On iTunes you can find the album for $9.99; however, I found that on Amazon, you can find the MP3 of the album for $7.99.

Since I am not a super loyal Apple customer, and quite frankly I am a slightly loyal Amazonite, I downloaded it there. Unfortunately, by doing that it doesn’t automatically get synced to my music library on my phone but I do have the Amazon Cloud app which allows me to play it on my phone until I get the chance to do it on my computer.

But back to the reviewable product.

I’ll be honest, I have never been the biggest fan of Whiskey Myers. Yet, this does not mean I dislike the band. What I mean, more so, is that I tend to just purchase their music song-by-song rather than a whole album.

Songs such as “Ballad of a Southern Man” and “Anna Marie” I know pretty well, but beyond that I really haven’t put in the effort to listen the rest of their albums.

After downloading “Early Morning Shakes”, I am more inclined to go back and download their other two albums, “Firewater” and “Road to Life“.

There is a rawness to their music that is so refreshing. Unlike some most mainstream country, their roots are still apparent. It is Texas country (or Red Dirt) with a definite influence of rock.


Who doesn’t appreciate an album when you can imagine Kid Rock enjoying it too, right??
You have no idea how productive I was after I downloaded this album!
I popped in my headphones then proceed to knock out four different items of business that had been taking up way too much room on my desk.

That is precisely how I tell if I really like an entire CD. If I am not spending time going back and forth from my work to skip to a different song, then I know I have a winner! I can tap away, both my fingers to the keyboard and my boots to the ground!

But seriously, a quality album. Especially when you are paying less than 67¢ a song! Take it. Take it.

Can’t wait to go dancing and dance to some of these tracks! Until then, make sure you hit up their website and learn more about the crew and their music.

Stay tuned. Dog toy review is soon to be coming this week. Maybe I’ll include a video :)

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