Let’s just say I’m not naming my dog Sochi…

Getting up, dressed and out of the door was a challenge today! My bed was just too warm and cozy. When I got to work this morning, I was thinking about all of the work I needed to get done. My motivation was defintiely lacking. But then I thought it could always be worse, I could be in Sochi.

I was going to write a blog featuring how ridiculously unprepared Russia is to be hosting the Olympics, but then a few things crossed my mind:

  1. Russians aren’t the best people to speak ill of…
  2. You are probably just as ready as I am to get all of the ceremonies out of the way and for the games to actually begin!
  3. And you are probably disgusted enough by pictures such as this:

Well it’ll be an interesting 18 days ahead for us. I sincerely hope that nothing terrible happens, but I’ll be on edge until this is all over.

But if you are on Twitter I would definitely go follow @SochiProblems! Hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Friday/weekend!

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