I’m 23 and ruined.

I'm 23 and ruined.

Ok, a bit dramatic? Yes. But overly-dramatic might as well be my middle name some days.

After my trip to Louisiana for work yesterday, I am simply at a loss for words. And if you know me at all, you know that happens oh so rarely!

The experience was priceless. I couldn’t ask for more. At a young 23 years of age, I have experienced so much, met so many people, have stayed in gorgeous hotels, ate at the nicest restaurants, traveled across the country and now I can say I have flown private. Ha not too shabby for being just shy of two years out of college.

I have so many people to thank for these opportunities. And these people are a wide variety I tell you. Besides the obvious: my parents, grandparents, and the rest of my ginormous family, there’s a elementary – high school teachers, some professors and awesome extension specialists, handful of friends, and man have I had some awesome bosses!

Between Dr. Cleere and Mr. Hildenbrand, I have racked up some the best resumé-stacking, character-building, life-fulfilling work experience. It is unreal how much responsibility can affect who you are. If it weren’t for these two having the confidence to challenge me with a task and see what happens, I don’t know if I would have been able to push myself on my own to accomplish the same.

It’s not that I don’t have the initiative but at times I don’t believe in myself as much as I should. Perfect example is this here blog! At first, I kept asking myself, “Who the heck besides my mom and Grandma really care what I have to say?” And I would constantly worry if I could keep it up? Or would this be a project that I would get tired of.

I laugh about it now. When I encourage others to blog, I tell them to just think that everyone else in the world needs your very own, unique opinion! It’s not like an annoying chain email. In fact it is on their own accord that people decide whether to visit my site or not!

But back to my original point of this post:

(this happens a lot, right?) I know there is more to come in my life, or at least hope so anyway, so it’ll be interesting to see what is next. I’m beyond thankful for everything the good Lord has blessed me with. Looking for more learning experiences to come!
More LA posts to come! ….still sorting through the 995 pictures I took in just 13 short hours :)
Below are a few pictures from the plane above Louisiana.

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