Twenty Pounds of Potatoes and More!

Twenty Pounds of Potatoes and More!

Now what the heck do I have a bowl of potatoes on my blog for? Am I going crazy? Well that is a definite but in all actuality this is part of one of the best weekends I have had in a long, long time!

It started out with a night of camping. Now don’t get to thinking it was some big trip to Big Bend or even Garner State Park, which is not too far away, but we went camping down by the Chacon Creek. Sounds fancy, huh? Well my family, being well my family, goes camping a quarter of a mile from our house! Yep, within mere walking distance. But this does have its advantages. Many actually:

  • Closer to home for the less “outdoorsy” people in my family to have a restroom and shower
  • Closer to actual shelter in case of bad weather
    and most importantly….
  • Closer to a fridge of beer in case your ice chest runs out (or in our case 10 extra people decide to come visit :))

Anyhow, it was beautiful weather and turned out to be a really good time to unplug, enjoy the conversation and fresh air. One of my favorite things about our land down by the creek, is that there is so much to explore. It is especially fun to bring the three hooligans we call dogs along with us. They do their usual parading around. Lucy always wonders off in search of something more exciting that us, while Ricky and Ellie typically are Velcro to Kymber and me. Either way, it is fun to take them on over to the disappearing creek then through the brush of mesquite and hopefully find our way back with all three of them. Cheap entertainment for all!

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I hung out with family too, don’t worry! But they know that I am too much of a dog person to handle!

Grandma T!On to the potato story:

Well my grandma was planning to make potato salad for the American Legion Plate Sale the following day. I thought I’d be a nice granddaughter and offer to help her make it. But Grandma was a bit sneaking and failed to mention that it was a whole 20-pounds! Luckily she had already boiled then peeled the potatoes. I did learn that it is apparently easier to peel a warm potato compared to a cold one! Needless to say though, dicing through these potatoes was work but if you know my grandma and me, you know that we were not short of conversation :) And Grandma don’t be mad at me for posting this picture. You know full and well that I have a blog, so anytime I take a picture of you and you are looking it’s fair game! Love you Grandma!

I talk a lot about my grandpa Tschirhart and how crazy I am about him. A lot of this has to do with me being his namesake, I was his first granddaughter, and during summers I was his shadows at times. Again I grew up within spitting distance of their house.

Grandpa & IBut it wouldn’t be fair of me to not note how awesome Grandma Tschirhart is, after all she is the one who keeps my grandpa in check! She also has to be one of the most comical people I know. She is caring but honest. Real honest. If she things you look better with long hair or a certain color on your nails, she’ll tell you. But that’s what you have to love. She is colorful and fun! Between my love of high heels and dancing I definitely inherited some traits from the grandmother. :)

I learned more than potato salad tips and techniques. I learned how to open jars… I know, I know. Lame as it may be, my grip is horrid. It’s awful. I am quite embarrassed. When I moved to my apartment, I wanted to sit back and enjoy some chips and salsa; the only problem: the jar was unopened. I worked and worked at this jar for seriously 10 minutes or so. I was almost in tears because I was so frustrated. It’s the little things in life right? Needless to say I gave up on the chips and salsa.

But here comes the trick I learned from my grandma.

You are supposed to hold the jar in your non-dominate hand, horizontally, while pressing down on the lid on a wood surface. After doing this all the way around the bottle’s lid, it opened very easily! Since, I have used this trick now a couple of times already. But I am holding back the best part of this story, which makes my family go beyond full circle:

You know who taught Grandma Tschirhart this trick? Grandpa Denis Rihn :) Day, week, month, made right there!


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