Baby Calf.. Wait it’s twins!

Twin Heifer Calves with MommaOne of the best things about being around/involved with agriculture is the baby animals. What a phenomenon!

Life taking shape right before your very own eyes. And to think the majority of others on this Earth have to watch Animal Planet or Discovery Channel shows to see something give birth and take their first steps.

I can’t tell you how many baby calves I have seen in my life. Thousands, easily, though. It never gets old. This is the fun part, well usually. It’s also a great teaching point. All living mammals are born in virtually the same way. And also in the same way all animals will eventually pass, no matter the reason.

Seeing it through from beginning to end, makes you appreciate the little things, like watching a calf’s first, wobbly steps, mean so much more. You begin to realize that if you slow-down to take time to relish in the small things that the world will indeed-not pass you by. Our society is constantly pushing a “go-go” mentality that is “hot-shotting” us to keep trucking forward, taking no time to enjoy life. How cruel. We simply wave it off and label it as progress so all is alright. But it isn’t! Take time to appreciate details: how blue the sky is today, how good rain smells, how wonderful it sounds to listen to birds in the morning. Shoot even living in the city, I have seen beautiful things. People doing beautiful things.

But back to the beauties pictured above! My uncle Anthony, every April Fool’s Day, long ago, would do his darnedest to convince us that a cow had twins. And one year he tried to really pull our leg saying she had triplets. Needless to say, we were gullible at first, but after a few tries we grew callused to his fibs. But here a handful of days before April 1, what do we have here? TWINS! Yep ole 33P here had twin heifer calves. What a surprise, indeed. Not too often do you get to see that. But here they are in the flesh.

This just makes me only believe more that there is a dear Lord. And, he has one heck of a sense of humor!

Hope y’all all have a wonderful weekend!

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