Another One of Those Weekends

Another One of Those Weekends

Well I am mighty glad I decided to get my Month in Review post out-of-the-way before this weekend. It was already a long post but after this weekend it would have been closer to half-a-novel.

Oh and above is my darling little pooch, Ellie, in some blue bonnets out by my house. We have been working on the “Stay” command while in both “Sit” and “Down” positions. She has proven a worthy student. Or at least worthy enough for me to manage this picture!

What a charmed life I have here. Another weekend in the books, loaded with family, fun and laughter. I wouldn’t even begin to count how many times I smiled this weekend. Much was done. It’s these kinds of weekends that give me repose and give me the strength and enthusiasm to carry on into Monday.

Easter2013And the weather! Oh heavens, it was a gorgeous couple of days. I would love to get some more rain but it was pretty darn close to perfect. I was able to make it back home, Friday after work, in time to watch Maycee (another sister!), pitch during her high school softball game. So happy I could make it out. I forget how exciting those games can be. And not to mention how proud I am of her. This weekend marked 1 year since she had surgery to repair her ACL. I am so happy that she has been able to play and excel this season. I know how crushed she was to miss out last season with the injury.

She also had her District UIL Meet, in which, she placed 3rd in Computer Applications and will advance on to Regionals. Following in her big sister’s footsteps haha. Between that and her involvement in Business Professionals of America (BPA), she has become a bona fide nerd that will surely be successful later on in life!

Kymber (the youngest) and the Rockettes had yet another game this weekend. We lost this one, but it was a good game. Not great, as there were too many errors we could have easily made right, but all the same it was a pretty good effort. Again the weather was perfect for softball. The only place I felt the tinge of sunburn that next day was the darn backs of my legs! Don’t really quite know just how that happened but then again that’s usually the way it goes.

After church and breakfast at Granny’s yesterday, Kymber and I went on over to my good friend’s place in Quihi. Cindie has always been a friend that I have loved to visit. At her house she has cows, goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats and even an aviary filled with finches! Yesterday in particular we got to see two little Boston Terrier puppies she has that are only a couple of weeks old. How darling are they?!?

And after catching a whiff of puppy breath we were on out to see the rest of the animals. Like I said, it’s always an adventure over there. I’ve been going over to her house to see her animals for over 10 years now and even though she has different animals now, it’s still the same feeling. There’s always a story to every animal.

And our dealing with animals didn’t end after we left Cindie’s. She was kind enough to give us 3 gallons of cow milk she had frozen to use for the bottle baby (appropriately named, “Shiny”) up at Grandpa’s house. So there you go, we had an “official” reason for stopping at Grandpa’s before we finally made it home.

While we were dropping off the milk, we noticed there were some new baby calves out of the first-calf heifers. Of course that meant we had to go check it out. And then being so close to the feed barn, we went and grabbed ourselves some cubes to go treat the other heifers. However, feeding cubes was difficult this time. You have to understand, it’s not that they don’t want to come up to you and eat out of your hand. No we have the opposite situation with some of the cows. These heifers were more comfortable feeding on the cubes in your lap and heaven forbid we ran out of cubes! Luckily they aren’t as big as their mature cow-counterparts, otherwise we may have had ourselves in a sort of predicament.

After we ran out of cubes and reasons not to go home, we headed back to the house. Yeah a whole, quarter-mile journey back home from Grandpa’s is a rough drive ;) But I did have to head back into the city to get ready for the real world to start back up again on Monday. You can bet I slept awfully good last night. I didn’t even have enough energy to dream!

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