One in the Same ~ Happy Birthday Mom :)

A bouquet of flowers, printed/framed family pictures and two 6-packs of beer. Yep my mom isn’t too difficult to shop for, well at least for her birthday anyhow. Some good beer and showing up to spend time with the family goes a long way with Mom. This is totally my mom. If you have had the privilege of knowing her, you can imagine how much she means to us four girls.

Every year, it always happens to me and my sisters. My mother’s birthday just sneaks up on us! But I finally have figured out why it catches us by surprise. It’s simply because she makes everything about us. My mother is one of the most selfless people I know.. Everything she does is for the good of our family.

It takes one hell of a pair to raise four kids, let alone four girls! But my mom and dad have done one heck of a job.with mom

Us four know how to raise hell and push buttons just as good as any boys. Plus being girls we are at least cuter than boys when we’re in trouble! But not once did I think we were winning against Mom & Dad! Team effort is an understatement for the two of them. Ok, maybe the only time they may slack is with Baby Girl and let’s be real that is a whole different blog post(s)!

But to look into this deeper, I want to focus on my lovely mother, Teresa. She is amazing. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit, I have inherited more traits from her than I sometimes would like to admit. Most are wonderful: capacity to love unconditionally, sense of responsibility and respect, work ethic, ability to cook and looks (let’s be real again, we didn’t get it all from Dad!).

And whether you think this next one is good or bad is your personal preference or maybe based on past experience of it: hard-headed, stubborn, (insert word describing difficult woman, who knows she’s right!).

All kidding aside though, my mom has immensely affected our four lives more than we may even recognize now.

She is just like her mother, Granny, though! We will surely tell stories to our kids of our childhood, in which she will vehemently deny anything that may make her seem like a crazy woman. And Mom, I love you to death, but sometimes you are that crazy woman!

Ok crazy may not be the right word… passionate?….

with mom and dadBut it’s this crazy that we love and appreciate. She has set an example that will be hard to live up to, but it’s proved a fun venture/journey getting there.

Supportive she most definitely has been. I can’t remember a week that I didn’t talk to her on the phone at least five times a week and that’s on the low side! Yep, we are still females that don’t always see eye-to-eye, but in typical family fashion, can’t go very long without forgetting what we disagreed about.

But there is no other woman I would rather aspire to than my mother. And at face-value that may seem cliché but after I put thought to it, it only seems rational. She has hashed out her path through life all by herself and I plan to carry the hard-headed woman torch into the next generation!

I look forward to sharing many more 6-packs with her! And don’t worry she’ll never be too far away for me to come home for supper!

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  1. Alyx, We will have to agree with you about your Mom. We love her to death also. Alex & Marian

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