It’s Tuesday, Let’s Dance!

Sometimes you just hear a song and not only gets stuck in your head for the next 17 days, but you also can’t stop shimmying to the beat everywhere you go!

Ok maybe that’s just me being strange, which in no way do I deny, but it seriously becomes a “problem” for me. Not a bad problem, per say, but I’m sure I look pretty darn goofy while I’m working at my desk, snapping my fingers, tapping my feet and swaying back and forth.

But let’s be real. This sort of behavior has been ingrained in me since I was a very young girl. If you know any of my family, or have the luxury of attending a family wedding, you know my dad and grandpa. Both are hilariously awesome! Fun is an understatement, when I think about going to a dance with them. It doesn’t matter if it is a 2-step, polka, waltz or shoot even a cumbia, we’ll be dancing!

It doesn’t just stop with them, if you look at my grandma, she’s a dancing fool too. There have been countless times that we have partnered up and danced in a kitchen or two.

And my mother! We have been in many a tiffs when it comes to who can dance with my dad to certain songs. Over the years rules have sort of been hashed out and not necessarily agreed on, but accepted between us:

  1. Silver Wings, Neon Moon & Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain are completely off limits for me to dance with Dad.
  2. Any song that is fast, Mom can expect me to already be up and headed toward Dad to get the dance. Also to be expected, is after the song, we will both be winded and Dad will need his beer.
  3. Waltzes are bit of a toss up. First come, first serve.
  4. But the most important of these “rules” is when it is all said and done, if Mom wants to dance with Dad, she will. Every time I ask Dad for a dance, there is always the 3-second look back at Teresa for the “ok”. Not that I am complaining because after all she is the boss!

The irony of it all is that my Dad has four daughters and a wife to contend with. All of this could have possibly been made easier if he could have just fit a son into the mix! Just kidding a boy would have never been able to deal with the sisters I have!

I highly recommend the Bad, Bad Leroy Brown station on Pandora. Happy Tuesday all and let’s get dancing!

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  1. Now it is stuck in my head! Very timely post, I’ll have to check out the station on Pandora.

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