I think I am in Love….with a new band!

The Mavericks

Ok in no way, shape, or form, would you call them a new band. But oh they are new to me! How ever did I live my life without knowing of them???? A pure shame my 23 years of life have been up until now. Yes overstatement of the day I am sure, but I’m being serious when I say I L-O-V-E this band.

And this said band is………………Drum-roll, ladies and gents…………………..

The MavericksThe Mavericks

See I told you they weren’t really a new band, but humor me, please. This whole deal started when a lovely friend of mine, we’ll call her Mary (oh wait that really is her name…) asked me to join her this past Sunday evening for a concert.

Honestly when she said The Mavericks were playing, I figured they were some small band she may have seen a lot while in college or something. But you don’t really have to pull my arm too much to go to a concert, in which I assumed dancing was a possibility. To my surprise, even though no dancing was done, it was one of my most favorite concerts of all time. Not to mention the people-watching opportunity was off-the-charts!

The Mavericks came to Floores Country Store for their 25 LIVE tour. We were some of the youngest cats in the crowd by a couple of decades easily. But the place was packed and if you are familiar with Floores, it can hold a ton of people. Ok more than a ton in weight, but it can indeed accommodate 2,000 people according to their website.

But back to the music. Sit back and imagine if this were to happen:

A party is orchestrated and the following people are in attendance:

  • The MavericksPatsy Cline
  • Elvis Presley
  • Hank Williams
  • Ray Price
  • Asleep at the Wheel
  • Dwight Yoakam
  • Los Lobos
  • Black Hawk
  • Johnny Cash

Ok once they all were there, they starting playing music with each other. And it was magical. Then out of the awesomeness, The Mavericks were born.

I love when an artist or band doesn’t feel the need to be defined by a genre, but just makes good music.

To see all of the older people in the crowd with their smart phones out shooting videos and taking pictures made me laugh a little. I had to smile though when I saw all varieties of couples dancing and swaying together to the music.

Not to mention my smile when they played Linda Ronstadt’s Blue Bayou. I hadn’t heard this song in a while and forgot how wonderful it was. It made me want to be far away from the crowd, dancing in the middle of nowhere with a good dance partner all by our lonesome. But that’s old country music for you!

Oh yeah then on top of that he followed with Willie Nelson’s Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground and Patsy Cline’s Sweet Dreams!

I really can’t include as many videos as I’d like. The Mavericks not only make beautiful music of their own but as the above videos prove, they do justice when covering some great hits that came before them. So check out my playlist on YouTube for more of their music!

And I am going to leave you with one more song of theirs that will get you up off of your bum, on your feet and moving!

And if you ever are on Pandora, check out their station!


  1. I remember the first time I heard a Mavericks song…I think I had my ear pressed up to the speaker so hard I’m still partially deaf. Dude. BEST BAND EVER!!! Thanks for posting this, the World needs to know! And thanks for the blue bayou video!!! Never heard or seen it! Favorite song + favorite band = thank you!! :)

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