A Girl and her HEB

                 1.   God

                 2.   Fightin’ Texas Aggies

                 3.   HEB Chicken Fajitas

Ok maybe not exactly in this order. But no doubt these are some of my favorite things on this wonderful earth.

HEBWell this post will situate around the latter of the above. Don’t you worry your little hearts out, Aggies. I promise I have a post in the works dedicated to just about everything Aggie, coming soon!

But back to the wonderful world of HEB + Chicken + Crockpot. Meat in general loves the crock. I have cooked beef, pork and chicken in my crockpot on countless occasions. It has a way of turning the toughest cut or sometimes the cheapest, and even more often than not, the most difficult meat into such delectable creations. It also has a wonderful habit of making all of my meals for the week in one go.

And don’t you worry your pretty little cheeks over it, I have a spectacular and recent example just for you. I must apologize in advance for the lack of pictures, but I was in serious cook mode last night and failed to think of that except for once!

Well it all started when I was taking my usual Sunday afternoon trip to HEB. Shopping at my HEB on Sunday afternoon is sometimes a trying matter. People are everywhere. Kids are everywhere. Shopping carts are everywhere. Shopping carts that like to make their way in front of, behind or next to my car! But not to worry, HEB’s prices, selection and customer service will always win in the risk vs. reward scenario of shopping there. I mean what other grocery stores are my options? Walmart…hell no.

Luckily, I noticed that the chicken fajitas were on sale when I looked at the circular at my apartment. This saved me the extra two trips around the store that I normally take since I don’t spend the time to prepare a shopping list! But this time I was smart :)

So I started through the isles with my headphones in jamming to Sean McConnell’s new EP CD, which I really can’t say enough about. You’ve got to close your eyes and picture me shopping though to really take in this experience. Here I am singing to myself. Trying not to really sing out-loud, because that would be embarrassing. I am an awful singer. And all the while, I am two-steppin’, three-steppin’ and waltzing my way through this warehouse of a store.

Really can’t say I have ever grocery shopped without doing this but it’s whatever. To each their own, right?

Ok back to supper ideas. I go ahead and buy a 4ish-lb. bag of the HEB Fajita Chicken Breasts. Usually I go with the thighs, but since they were the same price I decided to “what the hell” and went for the breasts. I knew I had some cream of mushroom soup and rice at home so I figured I could throw it all in the crockpot and have myself a meal for the rest of the week.

But unfortunately, or actually fortunately, I realized when home and about to have everything in the crockpot one morning, that I did indeed lack rice! Plus it’s kind of warm this time of year already for that type of supper so I panicked and covered the chicken I had already put in the crock with some beef broth I had on-hand and water. At least I could cook it, then when I got home could figure out what the heck to do with it.

I got home yesterday to an apartment filled with the lovely smell of slow-cooked chicken. **I am sure this pleased and teased Ellie so much yesterday. And this is where my three meals (all could feed a family of four at least) begin to take shape:

1. Chicken Soup

While straining off the liquid and shredding the chicken I decided I could easily make a chicken soup using the broth, chicken, a can of beans, a can of diced tomatoes (and juice), some frozen fajita vegetables and seasoning.

2. Chicken Salad

Chicken SaladAfter adding the chicken to the soup though, I realized I still had tons of chicken left over. Then this idea of Southwestern-style Chicken Salad began to form in my head.
I had a can of black beans, some arugula lettuce, one red bell pepper and some green chilies. I mixed these along with some plain yogurt and probably a pound of shredded chicken to make some hella good chicken salad. Corn would have been great to add to this but of course I forgot!

3. Chicken Tacos

Still there was chicken, without a purpose, left over! So I took one more trip to the cabinet and found a lovely can of verde sauce. So using the leftover green chilies from the chicken salad and this verde sauce I created the easiest and tastiest chicken taco. Throwing shredded chicken into my cast iron skillet and topping it with the verde sauce and green chilies, I let this cook down for roughly 10 minutes over medium heat. Just enough to heat it thoroughly and let the flavor invade the chicken.

Then I threw a spoonful inside of a tortilla with some of the veggies I scooped out of the soup and a dollop of yogurt, and had myself a yummy taco with a bowl of soup. :)

Bet you can guess what type of meat I had for lunch today….

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