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Eighty-five degrees and a sky so blue you couldn’t have even imagined it more beautiful. Yeah that’s what I had to deal with on my lunch break. Armed with my brand new Nikon D5200, a co-worker and I ventured out of our glass building for a field trip of sorts. We’ve done this once before a couple of months ago and had a great time. So now that I really have a grand excuse for needing practice, we thought it would be a perfect day to see what kind of pictures we could capture. To the right is my co-worker Susan. She is always armed with her Canon!

DSC_0010Really and truly I had one goal at lunch today. I wanted to get a good shot of the Tower Life building, here in downtown San Antonio, but specifically from St. Mary’s street. It’s by far my favorite street view in San Antonio. I’m such a nerd though. I am pretty sure that my appreciation for symmetry and sight lines is what makes me go cray-cray over this view. And not to mention the shots I got have spectacular color that you couldn’t even hope to get on many days.

I didn’t quite get the picture I wanted but I learned that as long as you have a friend with you, the better shots come when you stand in the middle of the street. Definitely will be going out try it out again. However, I am extremely pleased with the picture to the left. The angle and color are on point in my opinion. Maybe too much saturation for some people but I tend to like the drama of things at this level of saturation and contrast.

Before our power hour of photography began, I thought I wouldn’t venture far or take that many pictures. But shoot before you know it we were down the street and already 100 pictures into it.

One of my favorite places we stumbled onto was this courtyard area by a bank building. As time goes on, I have realized that some of the most beautiful landscaping is around bank buildings. Don’t really know why, but I should probably ask my banker, oh yeah he’s also my dad :)

Well anyhow in front of this bank, there were four flag poles. I’m not sure why four poles and not three or five but I’d be interested in finding out. Anyhow, I’ve always been such a sucker for pics of flags. There is something that makes me so very happy inside when I see an American flag flying on a beautiful day.

Yeah I’m still pretty obsessed with these pictures I took a couple of hours ago. It cracks me up how excited I can get about a picture of some random buildings or architecture that seems to be forgotten about. Oh the patterns you can find in some random nook that’s hidden to the rest of the world. Our first field trip really opened my eyes to the detail that is all around me that I never observe and appreciate. Even in our good ole San Antonio you can sure find some gems!

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And only in San Antonio would you be able to find this!



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  1. I loved the pics… my favorites though are the ones of the flags!

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