KAT: Kymberlyn Amy Tschirhart est. 2000

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Ok now let’s rewind 14 years back.fishing

The year was 2000, I was a scraggly, little fourth-grader with a bowl-cut. But I was excited. i remember asking Mrs. Stearns several times if anyone had called my school to let me know if my littlest sister had been born yet.

This was no where close to my first rodeo with little sisters being born. After all I am the oldest sister of four. But this was a little different. I was at the ripe-old age of 9 and I had a bit more of a capacity to understand and process all that was going on. It was only two years before, my mom and dad had given me another perfect little sister.

Each time my excitement must have been all too comical for both Mrs. Haby and Mrs. Stearns and I am sure to everyone else around me. Even at that age, I figured that not only was my mom having another baby girl for me to play with but also to be one of my best friends for life. I still get pretty emotional thinking about how much I love my sisters. I’d give anything for them. I know it’s a pretty special thing we have and I am sure to never take it for granted.

So like I said the year was 2000, yep the big, bad Y2K. Remember, the world was supposed to end that year. Maybe that explains why Kymber is well Kymber. I don’t know the words to explain her.

Me and Kymber oldShe is special but in a way that goes beyond the typical definition of the word. She is unique beyond all belief. If you don’t believe me, go check out her instagram (@cuekymbah). She is more trendy then I could ever dream to be. She’s one of those people that makes words cool or not. I, on the other hand, just copy her.

She’s smart. This year, they officially rolled out these new standardized tests that were supposed to be so difficult. But she aced the math test.

She’s beautiful. Oh my goodness I am so jealous of her, shoot and the rest of my sisters. They are all so perfect, inside and out.

And she’s funny. Holy moly, the sense of humor on this girl. I guess when you grow up with three older sisters and two parents that are growing tired (hahaha Mom and Dad know this one is true!) the youngest is bound to be the funniest. And surprisingly she is still one of the sweetest people I know. me and kymber glasses

Typically the youngest child, usually gets the “trouble” label. Or “little shit” usually fits well too. And believe me Kymber is trouble and a little shit, but not in the dangerous, may get in serious trouble kind of way. But more so in the “you just have to shake your head and smile” kind of way.

I can only hope and pray that our “Baby Girl” as we commonly refer to her as, kicks high school in the butt, then has a blast in college and continues to dream big.

And it’s days like these, that make me so unbelievably happy that I was able to get a job that brought me back home within spitting distance, per say, of my family. I would smile and laugh a lot less without getting to see her as often has I do now.Me and Kymber vb

I absolutely love that she has become my little side-kick when I need to do anything with the dogs. She goes on little trips with me to Cindie’s house to look at baby sheep, goats and puppies. Plus she rarely minds tagging along to go look at the cows with me. Kymber even is kind enough to spend the night at my place with me. It really is the little things. Making ice cream, riding in the car, going to church, shopping, walking the dogs. The list really goes on and on.

There, literally, isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t think about how much I love my sisters. And don’t worry Sydney and Maycee, y’all will get a birthday post too :)

Love you Kymberlyn <3

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