First Dog Park Experience: Wow!

Dog Park


Well, I bit the bullet and really became a city slicker. I took Ellie to the dog park. I know it’s crazy but I have never been to an official dog park. I’ve been to parks with Ellie but they weren’t off leash and they definitely didn’t promote any doggie play that’s for sure.

But wow, I was amazed at how great the experience was. Ellie is a pretty laid back dog, especially for a heeler. But then again you really never know what your dog is going to do when it has a bunch of hyper-active dogs crowding around it.

Well we were in that position once or twice and thankfully, Ellie was a little angel. Actually I am not really sure Ellie understood the concept. For the most part when I looked up to find her, you’d realize that she was standing not too far away from my feet or one of the others in the group.

Our group was pretty legit though. One great dane, one shepherd/lab mix, a golden retreiver and then Ellie. She looked tiny compared to her three amigos! Crud-monkeys… now I am realizing I don’t think I took a picture of all of the dogs together :(Ellie and Her Friend

But anyhow, Ellie perked up as soon as I pulled her favorite ball out of my backpack. I should say that, naturally, she was not the only dog to want to play. I instantly became a favorite among a number of dogs. She made friends with this black beauty. This dog was all tongue and such a sweetheart, although I wish I could have figured out who it’s owner was. I would love to send them these picture I have of her. So I was coordinating Ellie, the heeler, the black dog and then a youthful German Shepherd, whom I referred to as Foxy. Because let’s face it, that would be a badas… an awesome name for a dog!

Two hours later, it was growing dark and my stomach was growling. So our trip to the park was a wonderful success! I can’t wait to go back soon!

Happy Friday everyone!

Note: all of these pictures are straight out of my camera! I can’t wait to get them into my computer and do some fun edits :)

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