From the Field to a Dance Hall: Yeah that’s my family.

Whew where has time flown off to? Ha what a cliche! But really, it is extremely fitting for the last couple of weeks. I’m sure this is true for most of you as well. With the holiday, Monday, and it being the end of the month. I feel like it hasn’t quite passed me by but it’s trying to that’s for sure.


Lots has happened since last weekend. I had yet another unbelievably-wonderful weekend at home. It started out with just the usual banter amongst us girls, which of course was terribly aggravating to my parents. Then by the afternoon, we were outside helping Grandpa and Uncle Anthony lay a water line. Dad asked for the little girls to come out and help him. I thought it was odd he didn’t ask for me too but I went out and volunteered anyways. It was a gorgeous day so I figured I’d soak it up.layingpipe2

Well needless to say, I soaked in some rays. Grandpa and Anthony planned to put in roughly 5,900′ of pipe from our well, out to the back pastures, so that the cows would no longer need to walk the distance for water.

So Anthony was on the trencher. Grandma was driving the truck and trailer loaded down with PVC pipe. My two littlest sisters and a cousin were pulling the pipe off as Grandma drove and placing them close to the already dug trench. Ok so these five, were all way ahead of us.

Then you had Grandpa, Dad and I bringing up the rear. I would go along and shake out each of the pipes making sure that there wasn’t any dirt at the ends of the pipe. Then Dad and Grandpa had a little rotation going in which they were gluing the pipe ends together.layingpipe6

Now working so close to these two was pretty comical. All sorts of conversations were going on. One of which I will continue to give Grandpa a hard time about!

Grandpa informed me how he couldn’t believe a country-girl like myself would take her dog to a darn dog park. I explained the several reasons for going and how fun it really was for both Ellie and me. Then I also reminded him that most bosses don’t give their volunteers such a hard time! haha it’s all in good fun but I think I am going to have to trick him into going to the dog park with me now!layingpipe14

Anyhow back to the work. We were so lucky with the weather. It was a plum beautiful day. Blue, cloudy sky that hid the sun every so often. Pretty darn pleasant. And we got surprisingly far with the pipe gluing too.

But we had to stop just before 7 in the evening because Mom made supper. Something not to be missed that’s for sure. I think that night was ribs that had been cooked in the crockpot all day. No wait, it could have been sausage and squash.. But honestly, she makes so many delicious meals that it gets difficult to keep track of.

After supper, it was time to clean up and head with the entire family to the Quihi Gun Club for a night of dancing. You don’t understand how much this makes me happy. I grew up going to Quihi. I remember being little and dancing with my Dad and Grandpa, or shoot anyone that would dance with me. But hey nothing has changed there!

quihiGrandpa even convinced Grandma to come. At first he thought I was crazy when I asked him, while laying pipe, if they were going to Quihi that night. But he must have had a change of heart after a little rest. But the best quote from the night was from my grandma. She told Sydney that she came to Quihi to drink not dance. But if you know the two of them, you’d be safe in assuming that they were out there for almost every number!

There was a really good size crowd for just one of their regular dances. They have dances there every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. There was so many middle school and high school kids there. It was pretty comical watching them dance and have so much fun.

Well as usual certain songs came on that I had to be stuck on the sidelines since Mom had called dibs on Dad. But luckily, Sydney brought her boyfriend Josh with us. He’s a great dancer. And another person to add to the list that I can ask to dance in a crunch!

Well of course Silver Wings was played. And of course, that’s when the dance floor was the fullest. There is something that makes Quihi special in moments like this. I don’t know what makes me love Quihi the most. May the well-worn wood floor that slightly bows on one side, or the permanent-marker covered bathrooms, or the couples in love, or the fact that beer is $2.50.

And I learned of yet another couple more songs in which Dad is off limits: anything Gary Allan and Wave on Wave by Pat Green.

So yeah, this isn’t even the full weekend! It’s just the synopsis for Saturday. Another post to come with all of Sunday and Monday’s fun :)

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