Weekend Part 2: Beer and the Rain >>>

So after the eventful Saturday I had, how could Sunday and Monday top that?!?

Yep the

Yep the “A” is where D’Hanis is located

OH but never doubt or fear the power of a little countrified entertainment. Party in D’Hanis + rain, yeah that’s about all I need to make a weekend wonderful. If you have never heard of, let alone been to D’Hanis, you aren’t alone. It’s a tiny 1A town just west of Hondo on Highway 90. Even though it’s small and there really aren’t many establishments in town, I have met more wonderful people from that tiny place than in all of San Antonio. But then again, that applies, for the most part, to all of the towns in Medina County. One of the most special things about going to A&M, was getting the chance to meet many people my age from Medina County that weren’t from Castroville. I had a blast tailgating, making trips to North Gate and having house parties with those guys and gals more so than anyone else.

During my tenure in College Station, I was fortunate enough to get to live with Courtney. I have known her my entire life. Literally, as exaggerated  as I usually am, this is not one of those times. Our dads also went to A&M together and became the best of friends. Throughout my childhood and continuing on through today, my family gets together with the Rothes and the Steins a couple of times a year.

Anyhow, lucky for me it worked out one year that both Courtney and I didn’t have people to live with; therefore, I became her roommate. That was definitely a fun year. And talk about an easy person to live with! Well anyhow a “going away” party was thrown in her honor out in D’Hanis. Of course I was going to go. I kept this day free and clear in my agenda, even though it was the Sunday before Memorial Day, because I knew how awesome of a party it was going to be. Not to mention how much of a friend Courtney is to me. george killian

Well, needless to say, the party did not disappoint. To start, there is something about this 45-minute drive out to their place, that puts me in a party frame of mind. It’s a pretty great drive. Some would see it as boring because you are driving out in the country with nothing to look at except grass, trees and COWS. But if you know me, you know that this is what makes me happy so yeah booyah.

Anyhow, we get there around 5:30ish, and there are already tons of people there. Come to find out they had a keg to go along with the Ireland theme. As you may have noticed in past posts, I really like deep and dark beers. So I was more than happy to see George Killian’s Irish Red on tap. So a couple of beers in and a few shots of things that have names that I don’t want to repeat, I was having myself a ball.

rainyday2But then the best part of the night started to happen: it started raining! At first it was light and a little laughable but then it turned into an outright downpour. What a lovely sight, smell and feeling for all of us that have been through a serious drought in the last handful of years. Talk about fun. I think I spent more time running back and forth in the rain than actually trying to stay dry.

However, due to this lovely rain, we ended up stuck and having to spend the night. And to think this wasn’t even a College Station party. Early the next morning, Dad and Mike, Courtney’s dad, went to go see if we could get out. But our car wasn’t going anywhere, at least by itself. So with a little help from Mike’s pickup and all of us in the bed of it, our Enclave was pulled out of the mud and onto decently dry ground. Turns out it had rained roughly 4.5″ at their house that night. Crazy kind of party, I’ll say.

DSC_0006So driving home with my parents at 7:30 in the morning after a party, would have been a little strange, seeing as that is sort of the college party M.O. But in typical-Alyx-fashion, I fell fast asleep until we hit the gravel road before our house.

4.5″ in D’Hanis and 1.5″ at our house. Weather patterns have always confused me. But no complaints, I’d take 1.5″ over 0.00″ any day.

Crawled myself into bed for a short nap then woke up to chorizo potato and egg tacos per my mother. Oh this may be my favorite breakfast ever! Sometime in the morning, it began to rain, and rain, and rain. Oh how my sisters and I wanted to go outside and play in it. Yes, I am 23-years-old, but I’m not too grown up to wear rubber boots and stomp in some puddles! But the ever-responsible (Mother) Teresa, wouldn’t let us. rainyday1

Funny story about rain boots. When I was in one of the early years of high school, I needed to take a feed bucket back down to Grandpa’s and I wanted to look at inevitably some new baby calves or something of the such. Well anyhow, like the backwoods, country girl that I am, I started walking the quarter-mile or so over to their house from ours. I really didn’t think anything of my attire that consisted of a tank top, shorts and rubber boots. It had rained recently so because I would be walking through some water and probably mud here and there, I figured I was doing the smart thing. Well lo and behold, one of my male classmates from Algebra II happened to be driving by on our county road. Well anyhow he passed me by and I didn’t notice that it was anyone in particular, but then when he put his pick up in reverse to say hello, I was speechless. I mean what do you even say to that? What are the freaking odds. Yeah that’s about all I thought. It has turned out to be a funny story that I won’t ever forget.

But anywho back to 2014. The rain was kind enough to pause for an hour or so and we were able to go out and do some exploring. Turns out we had a little over 3″ in the morning to add to our 1.5″ from the night before!

Here are some of the pictures from our explorations!

Remember that water line we worked so hard on Saturday? Well this is what it looked like less than 48 hours later!
Don’t worry, Ellie didn’t seem to mind the water and the mud though!

And this is what is crazy. I took the picture on the left early Monday afternoon. The creek in this picture is much higher than we had seen it in a long while. We were happy. Then the picture in the middle is a handful of hours later after rainfall had traveled from upstream. Amazing. Simply amazing. It hasn’t been full in a long while! Oh and the picture all the way to the right is a little friend we found along the way and helped get safely across the road!

And then to end a weekend full of things that made me overjoyed and feeling like my cup couldn’t be more full, we got to move some cows! As always this little activity makes me so, so happy. And getting to see the cows happily move to a new place to graze always brings a smile to my face.

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