Doing “City Girl” Things


Duddley, Shiner & EllieUnlike most weekends that I write about, I didn’t go back home this weekend. Yep, I stayed in town, relaxed and did some “city things” as Grandpa would call them.

The first of those city things, was heading back to the dog park to meet up with friends and their dogs. This would be the second time at the dog park for Ellie and me. This time we would be going on a Saturday morning. I braced myself for crowds, crazy dogs and parking. Ha turns out though, the parking was the only tricky thing about the whole visit.

Ellie was much more out and about this time. Although, I say that with some mockery. She still was never too far away from me but she did interact with other dogs besides Shiner and Duddley.

Me and ShinerThis Saturday, in particular, was one that the San Antonio Great Dane Meet Up Group was going to get together at the park. So what a treat it was to see all different looking dogs on a whole different scale.

I am upset with myself though because I wasn’t able to get my camera out in time to photograph some of these beauties. They were entirely too interested in being less than an arms-distance away from me, which due to their size, makes it a challenge to begin with. Next time, I know to come with a game plan! It was especially cute when Ellie would stand right in the middle of a group of them and just look up! I need that picture for sure.

But it really was so much fun. Ellie was so exhausted after we got back home from the dog park. We both just laid down and napped for a couple of hours. I could barely get myself motivated enough to grab a bite to eat for lunch.

Anyhow, after two hours of the off-leash dog park, then a nice long walk, I did manage to get some pictures. Again, none of these pictures have even been brought into Photoshop to edit or even crop. Straight out of my new Nikon, which I love, but need to do some more experimenting!

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