P.S. Guys and Gals, Banana Pudding Ice Cream is in Progress!

Banana Ice CreamSo yes, this post is a bit premature. I usually post after I know a recipe is successful or at least mildly so that I can make adjustments then write about it.

But I am so excited for this recipe. I have researched recipes for the past two weeks enough so that I almost was burnt out on it. But not to fear, after reading through several recipes and reviews, I have adapted a recipe that I believe will be dynamite.

After I get home from work today, I plan on immediately transferring the mixture into my machine and seeing how it turns out. I have given this mixture almost 24 hours in the fridge so the texture should be absolutely superb. This is very much an experiment with high risk vs. high reward principles written all over it.

Time and patience has greatly been invested into this creation, not to mention pride. If this recipe doesn’t work, I will have essentially thrown a good $6 away in ingredients (ok that really isn’t that much) and my pride will be crushed.

Although when you consider that you add crushed vanilla wafers into the frozen creation, how bad could it possibly turn out?

But I would like to get some opinions on these said wafers. You see when I make Cookies and Cream ice cream, I always use Nabisco Oreos versus the store brand. I have tried it both ways and really this is one of those instances that you really can’t opt for the generic. There is a distinct difference.

However, when it comes to vanilla wafers I have used both name- and store-brands when making banana pudding so I went ahead and grabbed a couple of boxes of HEB’s brand of wafers. I would have gone with the Nilla (name brand) wafers, but they were $2.98/box, while HEB’s were $0.98/box. Yeah that is way too big of a difference for me to not consider. So we will see, if after I try this out, I think it is lacking, I can always repeat the recipe using Nilla wafers. And if I, or my guinea pigs, my coworkers :), don’t notice anything funny, then we will keep it as is!

So tomorrow, expect and demand a picture, recipe and review of my Banana Pudding Ice Cream, adapted from Southern Living’s recipe.

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