At Thirteen: I was Reading in Church and She Was #6 on the Charts

tanya tucker

And to think I felt nervous standing up at the lectern in church reading to two hundred or so parishioners a couple of readings?!? Its marbles compared to what she accomplished at 13!

tanya“Who is she?” You may ask.  Well I am referring to the- Tanya Tucker, hailing from the great state of Texas.

What an artist. At 13, she passed on the opportunity to record “The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.” in order to record “Delta Dawn.” I think this gamble worked out in her favor in the long run. Thinking back on the music she recorded early in her career, they lyrically were much more mature than her. However, they all had more of an uptempo beat that I have found addicting!

For this reason, “Delta Dawn” has to be my most favorite song from Miss Tanya Tucker. I remember hearing this song on 680 or 1460 AM in the pickup with Dad on the way to the feed store. In no time at all, lyrics were picked up and singing out loud was imminent.

So here we go with another one of my lists

1. Delta Dawn

2. Texas (When I Die)

So this song has grown on me in the last few weeks. I have been fairly religiously listening to KKYX 680 FM on my drives to and from work and I am not exaggerating when I say I have heard this song probably 5 times in the last week. It’s catchy and fun, oh yeah and TEXAS!

 3. What’s Your Mama’s Name Child

4. San Antonio Stroll

Another one of her hits that has grown on me in the last few weeks, this song makes the list, not only because it features my good ole San Antone, but you literally cannot sit still when listening to this song, unless you are a bah humbug of course. I’m sure judging by the look of this live performance, she was quite the spirit!

5. Love Me Like You Used To

Definitely one of her classics. And well you just can’t pass up on an old music video when it’s available!

6. If It Don’t Come Easy

And what list ends so nice-and-even-like as a Top 5? Definitely not any of mine!
I just couldn’t help but add in this later hit, partially because I Reba with her crazy hair and crazy outfit in the beginning of this live performance.

Happy Tanya Tucker Tuesday everyone! ;)

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