Kindergarten 101: Naptime & Reading Logs

A Long Time Ago

Crap! It’s the second to last day of July. Where the heck has my summer gone?!? While in college I remember realizing how fast semesters would fly by. Then later after I graduated and realized this only got worse. While in elementary, middle and high school, I wanted the time to fly by so fast. I wanted it to be summer again or I wanted to hurry up and be older. Now I realize that there is no slowing it down.

A Long Time AgoHowever, yesterday afternoon I felt like a kindergartner again! I got home from work just after 4:30, took the dog out, then passed out for a four-hour nap. Yep, four whole hours. Kind of wished I never woke up from that but then again, I am pretty sure I had no alarms set for work this morning.

And yes, I am sharing this picture to the right with you, because well this was elementary school for me. Laugh at the hair cut all you want and those pleated black shorts. Oh and that darn striped, short-sleeve turtle neck. Lol but I rocked those socks folded at the ankle and that Hunchback of Notre Dame lunchbox. To the left of me is my right-hand girl and forever-best friend/sister, Sydney. Circa 1996-1997.

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day at work or anything like that but it honestly reminded me of being little and coming home just plain worn out from school. After a couple of meetings learning how to use a new system, my brain was kaput and able to process nothing further. Plus, what is better than a nap underneath a ceiling fan with a little bit of afternoon light shining through your window? Oh yeah and your dog perfectly fine with a nap too.

Thankfully, all was not lost when I woke up at nine in the evening. I’ve been on a nice little audiobook kick the past week or so. I had awhile back joined Audible. Each month you get one free credit plus there are a lot of free classics available and then others that are only a couple of bucks. Anyhow, I have really enjoyed several books. I have plenty of others in the queue that I can’t wait to get to. Honestly, this is about the only way I venture out of my western novel comfort zone. It’s really easy for me to download a free-Zane Grey novel on the Kindle and knock it out in a day or two. But getting into a novel of a different genre takes a little more effort. But with Audible, I have learned to appreciate authors other than Louis L’Amour, Max Brand, Dana Ross Fuller, and other western authors.

They also have a Daily Deal, in which I have found a few books for less than a dollar that have been amazing. One of these, which I highly recommend, is Call the Midwife, an account from Jennifer Worth and her stories as a midwife in 1950s’ London. Extremely interesting and also enlightening. As a female, I will presumably have a child in my lifetime, this book reminds how fortunate I am for advancements in medicine and quality of life in general. And the book ends unexpectedly by circling around and defining the underlying theme to be the importance of faith in life whether we are cognizant of it or not. Awesome read!

So that was last week’s book. This week, I rewarded myself for stepping out of the comfort zone and downloaded Louis L’Amour’s Comstock Lode. Yep a western :) Oh it was so worth it! I had read this book many years ago and loved it then. But reading it for a second time as an audiobook, gives it a new flavor and really never seemed like a rerun to me. And even if it did, don’t you waste hours upon hours watching reruns of Law & Order or Friends or Seinfeld, just because they are so damn good?!?

But now I am on to a book called Mickey Outside. It’s got something to do with white-collar crime and had been one of the books featured in the March Kindle First lists. Anyhow, it’s something different and so far into chapter two it’s been an intriguing read!

Listening TimeDon’t you worry though, I have another western lined up when I am through with this one! The Audible app is a pretty neat little app. It reminds me of being back in elementary and middle school and having reading logs to fill out. Maybe this is the way the schools need to do the logs now. This app tracks how many hours I have listened, gives me badges for various accomplishments and goals to work towards.

So here’s to sleeping like a 6-year-old and reading like there’s no tomorrow!
Happy Humpday people!

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