You Can’t Go Wrong With George

Monday is not over! And this week’s Musical Monday is here :) And who can’t go wrong with good ole George Strait? On my way home from my softball game tonight I was flipping through both the AM & FM stations and then I happened upon this gem:

If you know anything about me, I’m a sucker for a dancehall. If you see me not dancing, you best come over and ask me for a dance if you want to get some points from me! Just this weekend, Grandma and Grandpa were over at the house and you guessed it, Dad had his computer out and we were singing away. It runs in the family what can I say. My feet were ready to move to a Patti Page number, so I was smart enough to take the opportunity to do a little waltzing with Grandma. And there we went dancing away around the dining room table.

There are somethings in life that a price can’t be put upon, and sitting around the table with three generations laughing and singing is definitely one of them. Man, I am lucky. I get to drive a little over half an hour and then it’s like I automatically am back in my childhood. It was a great weekend to get out of town and get a little fresh air, oh and a whole lot of sunshine!

Happy Monday people and good night to you!

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